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  1. please, amuse me. wut job do u have? is it sittin on ur ass all day yellin at ur kids and collecting welfare?cuz u sure got alot of time on ur hands to be talking sh*t about ppl
  2. listen u need to mind ur own buisness about who goes in and out of sum1's apartment. its not ur problem so stop bi*chin and leave it alone. mind ur own family and make sure ur kids are fed before u jump on the computer and rag on other peoples lives.
  3. wow some one really wants to s**k up to the boss dont they? your just another low life trying to s**k up to rodgers so he wont kick u out cuz your rent is late. why dont you just go up to him and ask him if he wants to be ******? after a "tough" at the office im sure he'll enjoy it.and about the woman your talking about, her apartment is not filthy. have you been inside of it? no. * people do not live there. her grandaughter and only her grandaughter lives there and rodgers knows! aint that something? her grandaughter pays extra money to rodgers so she can live there just to take care of her g
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