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"You belong in hell"

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What happen to freedom of speach

give it up already

"...public schools are not wide-open public forums and that public school teachers do not have unbridled free speech rights during the work day, just as students don’t." --http://blog.au.org/2006/03/misguided_missi.html, on William Lee v. York County School Board (Virginia)

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Look who is calling the kettle black now.  What kind of break did he give the Teacher? Did he confront him about this? I will answer that for you. No, he did not. Did he give the Board of Education a break when he called them all incompetent? I will answer that for you. No, he did not. 

This 17 year old knew EXACTLY what he was doing when he taped the teacher. He knew EXACTLY what he was doing when he contacted the media.  This was his rebellion against the school.

Give me a break. You cannot be serious! He is not running for President. He is running for publicity for college and funding.

If I screw up a client's case I don't get a break. If a teacher systematically does what he may not do under the law, he doesn't get one either. That excuse won't wash.

As for the BoE, I call months of waiting a very big break. They had plenty of opportunities, and I'm still hopeful. Life is a motion picture, not a snapshot, and we're all capable of learning and growing.

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