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I am not a Murphy fan but I would have to say he’s done a great job during the Pandemic. May he continue to guide the great state of NJ.

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Please tell me one thing he has done.  I can't believe two months into this thing he finally realized that elderly people are the most susceptible to this virus. Now he is checking nursing homes when this information was available two months ago.  How did he find money to give everyone in state tuition, and give out cash payments and health benefits to people who are not even residents of New Jersey.  In the mean time unemployment benefits are being held up because our unemployment offices 30 year old computers are swamped.  Almost one third of the deaths from this virus has been in nursing homes. If Trump has blood on his hands for his handling of this crisis what about Murphy?.  Where is NJ's supply of PPE?  This guy should get his priorities straight, and worry about making NJ better for it's tax paying residents,

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Whoever wrote this is a true Hudson County Democrat, support our man no matter what. How about the following:

1. NJ is second in the number of virus deaths

2.  Thousands of people are still trying to get into the unemployment system so they can get a check to feed their families.

3.   We are still on total look-down and thousands of New Jersey businesses are closed  and may never reopen.

4.   Our hospitals are going broke because most patients are on Medicaid and they are getting
      reimbursed at lower rates despite the fact they are full of virus patients.

5.   The DMV is shut down and residents cant renew their paperwork.

6.    NJ transit is billions in the hole.

7.    The pension system is also billions in the hole.  There is talk of cutting pension  payments.

8.     There is talk about layoffs of state employees further denying taxpayers of needed services.

When you talk about a great job he is doing you must be referring to.

1.  The highest property tax rate in the nation.

2.   The highest auto insurance in the nation.

3.    The highest Medicare per ca pita rate in the nation.

4.     High educations costs for thousands of immigrants.

5.      Rental assistance for hundreds of thousands of immigrants, 

6.      Not enough money for schools because of the large numbers of immigrant   children we are educating.

7.      NJ as become a sanctuary state, denying us some federal money and costing us  more, out of our pockets..

8.      Our roads are in terrible shape and traffic is unbearable.    

      The governor’s response to all of this.  If you live in NJ you should expect to pay higher taxes.  As a true Hudson County loyalist you will read only the top part off this response, and still think the man is doing a great job.  I will pray for you.

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