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Board of Ed Failures

Guest McGriff

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Guest McGriff

Where does the madness end? All these employees who were hired by this Board through the Friends and Family program committing crime after crime. These are just the ones that law enforcement has been able to find out about. There are many others that get covered up and others that are totally lied about to get around disciplinary actions and/or terminations.

Who was the supervisor that got caught having sex with a teacher in a classroom ? What happened to both of them ?

Apparantly Superintendent Blood has no control over this district. The nuts are running the asylum, and for the most part getting away with it on the taxpayers dime. Once again no concern for a high level of education for our kids at all. Very sad. 


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On 1/28/2019 at 3:10 PM, Guest Tere said:

I think this town needs new faces on the board of education! This town education system is heading in the wrong direction! 

The town had a chance to change things. But, the same people were elected and continue to be elected. 

Want to go in the right direction, start voting in new board members. 

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Guest Uninvited Guest
On 2/1/2019 at 12:39 PM, Guest Charlie said:

Too many relatives work together in this school system. 

Kelly Lindenfelser- has family working in the school system or relatives sitting on the board of education! 



Have you checked the police and fire departments lately? If you're so interested in relatives, give them a look see! 

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