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Guest Third Warder

Jim Mangin Was Right in 2005 About Keegan Landfill

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Guest Third Warder

The reason I love this message board is that it records history and makes people accountable.  Our local politicans hate this website because it allows those of us who can't opening state something obvious without getting hurt at our town job.

Here is a link to what Former Councilman Jim Mangin said about the Keegan Landfill, which Mayor Santos and his crew said was "grandstanding".  Councilman Mangin knew then that the Sports Authority wasn't going to build a golf course ("pie in the sky promises") after it dumped more debri into the Keegan landfill.  The Mayor and his legal counsel didn't put that into the contract and now a Judge in Jersey City is saying you can't lock them out and they can eminient domain the property to dump more garbage and the golf course ain't in the contract so it's excluded.  Perfect.  Is the Judge grandstanding?  We get to spend more money appealing this using the same lawyer who didn't put it in the contract in the first place.  Isn't that a conflict of interest?

Thank you KOTW for trying to make a difference.

Here is the post from former Councilman Jim Mangin from October 7, 2005 (almost 11 years ago).  It is right on the money.


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