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I'm confused.

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If you want to learn science, you don't go to people who have been kicked out of the top scientific academies. And gee look - what a surprise - they're all with a right wing "think tank".

Below zero wind chills this weekend, this global warming is getting bad.

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Stupid (posts 26 and 27):

Worldwide hunger hasn't ended just because you just had a big dinner. That's how idiotic your argument is, without exaggerating one bit.

Climate change is about long-term trends, worldwide. Two days of cold weather in one part of one country doesn't negate the trend. And of course, you were completely silent about the local weather when we had unseasonably warm temperatures throughout 2015 (the hottest year on record worldwide), all the way through the end of the year and into January.

All the scientists say that planet is warming. We've covered this dozens of times on KOTW alone. But don't get your information here. Read the best and most up-to-date science (Here is a link to the IPCC reports, and here is a link to NOAA reports), if you want to know the truth.

Which, of course, you don't.

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