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Kearny School Election


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Not one is worth it. Our School Board is full of egotistical idiots....GET RID of Them ALL. Downsize and start fresh. ...Way too many Administrative positions , no where near enough teachers .

Kearny typical ...All chiefs no Indians.

Raise taxes so top end gets raise and does nothing to earn it.

You didn't read the School Report card did you? If we have "way too many administrative positions" how did we have the second lowest administrative cost per student in the county and rank below the state average?

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I was also there, You called it right! Doffont was excellent, Krusnis was outstanding, especially for someone with no board experience, Santos was very good and Mc Donald had an attitude. The other three candidates not showing, showed you where their priorities were at.

Doffant should be excellent. He's been on the board and makes a living in the educational system in another town. Don't know Krusnis, but I'll make a bet he a teacher or works in the system, and the Santos girl seems sincere about the town. All new people should be voted for and ones that are not teachers, or have spouses employed by the system. It's sort of like putting the fox in the chicken coop.

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Guest WRONG !!!!

Doffont is a 30 year veteran of the Harrison board of Ed. (Vice-Principal), Krusnis is a captain with 20 years expierence at the Jail, and Santos is a Nurse a Cardiac Care unit of St. Michaels.

If you went to the meeting last tuesday, you would have learned that Doffont has years of expierence, knowledge of the procedures of the board, and community ties. Krusznis has Budget expierence, (Assisted with preparing the Entire jail Budget), Union Expierence (President of PBA for years), Negotiation expierence as well as much leadership training. Santos has a long standing tie with the communnity.

Their resume' completely overshadows those running against them.

They have my vote, and they should have yours too.

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