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I am writing on the behalf of the young man known as "youth of today". I am an adult and a professional. This young man has good ideas. If i had a hall that i could rent to them i would but i dont belong to any of these clubs that have the halls. if anyone that has a conncetion whether be a member, a relative of a member, or the person who runs the pbgc let this kid prove himself by throwing 1 or 2 of these events. it doesnt need to go to the town if hes not trying to get them to run, he wants to do it himself in true DIY fashion. Please just let him prove his case instead of trying to keep him down.

Thank you


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Give it up youth of today. Obvious because of message content, writing style, misspelled words you and mr wonderful are one in the same!!! Elementary my dear Watson elementary.

writing style? Mr. Wonderful uses capitalization, that other guy doesn't.

somebody isn't all that observant B)

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Guest Guest

Whats wrong not enough hits on the web site dukey, so its plan "B" for entrepreneurial dreams! Not that dreams are bad things just don"t try to make it on the backs of this towns youth.

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Somebody thinks we wouldn't see through another of your schemes, like bombarding this forum to promote your web site.

i have it linked. i never even bring up the site except when ignoramuses such as yourself have to point it out like it's some big deal.

and if i get a little shameless self promotion, big deal.

sometimes i wonder how i can be 18 and yet light years beyond the majority of the adults posting here.

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