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Class Action suit against PVSC for unfair labor practices.

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Guest The worker

You don,t look to good lately Beach Boy book sales in the negative look,s like you put all that weight back lot more gray hair no chance of ever winning a election again everybody running away from you so enjoy your beach house and pension that you robed from the state I guess Karma will always run it,s way it still the same all the time what goes around comes around so you have a great day Beach Boy.

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Guest guest

Just be glad you are out of there from what i have been told and what I understand the place is nothing but garbage and being run into the ground by the current administration.  You think what Fat Boy did was bad what is going on there now is just as bad.  The amount of gang members hired have people retiring left and right.  Corruption Valley.

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Guest The worker

Took a real good place to work at one time and turned it into a zoo like you do with  everything you touch proud if yourself beach boy just another thing you ruin in this state no matter what you go near it turns to shit

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