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well said!

[Your right about what moved in to Harrison!!!!! It definately isn't the same Harrison I grew up in. BUT!!!!!! I'm still here and not ready to be pushed out by all the foreigners who have moved in and are trying to not only change Harrison but America!!! We have to change everything to make them Happy......(NOT ALL OF THEM. there are plenty of nice people here from other cultures) SO please don't be offended unless your part of the garbage that moved in. However.....Garbage is moving into Kearny, North Arlington ect ect ect.......Its all over. I dont' have to live in Harrison......I choose to, and MOST of the political figures are trying to make Harrison a good place to live like it use to be.....Because most of them grew up in Harrison and want the same thing. Their hearts are souls are in it for the long term. You can't please everyone. When I was growing up in Harrison no one EVER gave us anything!!!!! We also NEVER asked.....We never thought that we were entitled! If you want something you have to go after it not sit on your butt and write negative & UNtruthful things about people that you REALLY don't know. You just think you do! The people who put down all the town workers including, police, fire, Board of ed employees.....You could have been a cop or fireman or teacher ect...You chose not to be so stop being so jealous!!!!!!!!!!

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