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Guest Joseph Wood

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Guest Patrick Henry
I don't agree/disagree with what you're doing by putting the bills, meetings, etc. online. However, at the end of the page for the April 11th meeting you wrote that it is the 3rd time the town has voted down taping the meetings. Don't you think, at this time, the money should go toward getting us out of this hole we are in and worry about things like that later?


Are you really serious?

Too many people have their heads in the sand (not saying you are one). I think that some people would like to keep it that way.

They are paying those bills with your tax dollars. Your elected town "officials" - the people that the majority vote put in the seats. They are making the decisions that rule, govern and develop the future of Harrison. That would be the town you live in and support. Would you like to know what kind of job they are doing?

This is what the meetings are for and about. I don't think there is enough room for all 14,000+ of us at the meetings. But if we are knowledgeable of what is pending in our town we could move a meeting to a larger venue - say the high school auditorium. Then any and all could have a say about any pressing matters that affect the town we support.

If more people were actually informed and then took an interest in what it takes to make this town run - everyone's quality of life would improve. At the least, writing that quarterly tax check would be more palatable.

Got cash?

Sell some under used equipment to find funding. Utilize the town resources that are under or misused. There are many.

Maybe a town administrator should be brought in to manage the town more efficiently.

But 15k to let a little sunshine in? It should be a law or something.

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The hole is caused by the Mayor and Council mismanagement. The Mayor doesn't want videoing of council meetings, planning board meetings, redevelopment meetings because he wants to keep doing what is good for Mayor McDonough.

McDonough said that he would vote for the cameras if Councilman McCormick found the money. McCormick did that he got PSEG to give the town credit for overbilling of street lights. McDonough had allowed the town to spend $80,000 for new LED lights but never told PSEG so they billed at the old rate. The town got last years money and is saving next year because of some work on McCormick's part. What does the Mayor do, he says I know what I said but give me a couple more months. Bullshit. Typical McDonough delay tactics.

The town got 6.7 million dollars in aid up from 2.3 million so now there is a shortfall. Where is the town spending the money? On Powell's secret job? On Higgins' pension booster of a salary? On McDonough's family salaries? That's where the money is being spent. $15,000 for camera equipment is nothing.

Get the cameras. If you watch the tapes already on the web. You can hear and see which council people are doing their job and which are just attending. It would be great to have just what is said at all those other meetings, where the money is being spent.

The town employees have to use hand scanners so why not Cameras for elected officals to keep a perfect record of what is said and done at the meetings.

I'm in shock to see how many lawers it takes to have a meeting. I hope their not all on the payroll !!!!!!!!!

That Cop spoke well about the problems. Just where did the Cops pension money go? Mc Cormick found the money sped it on the cameras to save more waste.

I hope all this talk about an investigation is not just talk.

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Guest gUEST
Its great that you have that information but after going through it I did not see any bills paid for any attorney's IE: ROBERT MURRAY) now isn't that ironic??????????????????????

What about salaries? That is a big bill, are they going to show that? Or just what they paid for utilities and cleaning products!

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What about salaries? That is a big bill, are they going to show that? Or just what they paid for utilities and cleaning products!

Check the Legal salaries ! I'm sure all those lawyers aren't spending time in Harrison because they love it. Although maybe it"s the fresh air they come for.

There are some real big bucks flowing out of Harrison. I'm sure all bills are correct Wink! wink! and the bills are studied by all council members because mistakes are made.

I've got my money on the McCormicks. Keep watching the video reports of the Town meetings. They are great ! If a picture is worth 1000 words a video is worth many times more.

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