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A True Hero

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Being reported by FOX, Paul will probably have a difficult time believing this. He'll need plenty of evidence and he'll probably have to live with the squishy hero in order to know his true intentions.

As for me, I just choose to believe.

GLOUCESTER, Mass. — SpongeBob SquarePants usually needs to be saved in the cartoon he stars in on Nickelodeon.

But for a group of sinking boaters in Gloucester Harbor, the sponge-shaped yellow character was the one who did the saving over the weekend, MyFOXBoston reported.

A 25-foot boat called the Clam Juice started sinking because of a crack in the exhaust pipe. When the Coast Guard arrived to pump the little vessel out, the four onboard were knee-deep in water.

That's where SpongeBob — or more specifically, a squishy SpongeBob football — came in. The occupants had the toy onboard and used it to plug up the hole in the pipe.

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Guest Radagast
This is...strange.

What exactly are you saying, though? Is the foam football the "true hero" here? :P



Well, that's all the proof I need. I want to join the First Church of SpongeBob to warship my new lord.

Hey! Does that count as a miricle? If so, he only needs one more to become a saint. Imagine, St. SpongeBob ...it has a nice ring to it.

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