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Premise #01

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Premise #01:  Most Anglo Saxons want to move out of Harrison- except for those within the jurisdiction of the Harrison Housing Authority.

people that own homes can sell and go elsewhere, those in housing can't

afford to do that so they are stuck.I'm not talking about the druggies and

such, I am referring to the low income working class. Unless you come

into some money, you just don't go nowhere. It appears that a lot of people

are losing their jobs, except those working for the goverment.

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Anglo Saxon??? there are not that many Anglo Saxons around do you even know what Anglo Saxon means

Historically, "Anglo Saxon" denotes a "member of a West Germanic people who settled in Britain from 5th century AD on."

However, according to Encarta and other leading dictionary sources, "Anglo Saxon" now refers to an "English native speaker," or more particularly, "a white speaker of English as a first language."

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