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Found 1 result

  1. The agressive and heartless way people were treated by Wayne Forest will soon come to light and the truth will come out on what really took place on the terminations of 200 employees at PVSC. The agency is a one man show with no accountabllty to the public with people being placed in positions with no wastewater experience what so ever. Sadly the people who were walked off the plant with the exception of the 4 people who were charged by the attorney general were hard working people who did nothing wrong and were just caught up in a Governor Christie agenda that have broken the sprits of many families who now are finding it hard to find a job while Mr Forest hires people to replace the very people he let go. Does that make sense.Shame on the way you walked the people off the plant like they were common criminals and people that are still working are afraid the phone is going to ring and that they will be the next to be walked off. What kind of people do this and create a climate of stress and seem like that enjoy doing it. At some point the legal process will answer why what was done here was right and justice I believe will clearly stand behind those employees that were unjustly victimized by this agressive takeover by a one man show who answers to no one except, we would think Governor Chris Christie. We will soon learn the truth.
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