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    Hey lady let me ask you one thing? What is this nations National Language??? Look it it up and let me know. Your not going to find one. This was a melting pot. Like our ancestors, unless your american Indian, you came from some where. Your ancestors left some country to come to this one and when they did, they didn't speak the language so hot! so come at me with another one wise a$$. Get educated and stop being such an ignorant fool!!! you are assuming that I am a woman? They didn't speak the language so Hot. What language is that? Yes there is no so called National Language. but English is the majority and majority rules. Why are you so arrogant and nasty? We are voicing our opinions and views, which is our American right. this is not the war zone. Grow up!
  2. dosentmatter


    bi-linguial people are fine, but they should keep their language for talking at home, and speak English in the English public, just the way all our ancestors did. A great many in this town don't know English and don't want nor have to learn. This is why we get upset with them. I would not go to another country without trying to learn the language of that country. It.s called respect for the country you are in.
  3. where are the times & dates of these meetings posted? Ive never recall seeing them.
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