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  1. MystiqueI

    Fire Boxes

    Let's not forget the 911 operator's. Recently my mom found my dad on the kitchen floor - not breathing, turning purple and the only physical response was the kicking of his legs and feet. My mom called 911 - the operator asked my mom to put her ear next to his mouth to see if he was breathing, my mother told the operator all of the above and the operator then told my mother - "ok then, if you need us call us back". My mother insisted she dispatch an ambulance, however by the time EMS arrived my father was picking himself up off the floor. My dad didn't remember any of what just happened to him, he told EMS he was fine (although it was determined his BP was 210/180) my dad said he was going to bed. EMS left. My mother panicked and called me at work, after speaking with my dad he agreed to go to the ER. My mom took him via taxi to WHH, he was later transported to St. Michael's in Newark where he was diagnosed with a heart condition and he now has a pacemaker. So you can all b**** and complain about response time but as in this case the delay can start from the 911 operator. I thank God today my dad is ok. My question is if someone calls 911 and tells an operator a patient isn't breathing and is turning purple who the hell is she to play GOD and tell my mother if you need us call us back. It's a good thing he's not dead, or I'd be looking for this 911 operator.
  2. MystiqueI

    Dogs Banned?

    I agree with wrkngrlnj, a dog park is a great idea. I for one have personally been to one here located in Hudson County. It has parking for about 10 cars, a double gated entrance/exit, park benches and garbage cans scattered around the park as well as an obsticle course for the dogs such as old truck tires for the dogs to run through. The park is fenced in my guess would be about a 10 foot fence around the park, and the park is filled with sand which is a great idea considering asphalt and cement could get too hot during the summer months for the critters paws. The residence that use the park all pitch in and bring (plastic) grocery bags you would get from any local grocery store for the use of cleaning up after your dog. There is a place they are stored for anyone to use. The residence also pitch in and bring tennis balls and squeeky toys that are left behind for others to play with. The only downfall is your going to have to bring bottled water and a bowl, because the critters will get thursty running around. I along with wrkngrlnj would support a dog park in town as well. The location mentioned would be an ideal location as she said most visiting the hospital walk there dogs there anyhow. The question is...when do we start building?
  3. MystiqueI


    Yes I do. But, what stores were on either side of the A&P??? I sort of remember an electronic or appliance store, or is that what replaced the old A & P...Anyone else remember that one?
  4. MystiqueI


    Junior? Do you mean Hector Kabajea. His first name may have been Victor and the spelling of his last name is a phoneitic guess but I remember him. Wow...I do remember Junior. I had to think about it for a sec, but yes I do remember him. He was always willing to help everyone and would have given you the shirt off his back if you had asked him for it.
  5. K, Thanks...I'm due for another pick up tomorrow, if nothing do I call the town or Cali?
  6. MystiqueI


    Pathmark was Two Guys? or who remembers the old A & P where Mandee's now stands?
  7. Can someone tell me why my garbage is still sitting in front of my house since Wednesday night (3/17)?
  8. MystiqueI


    Anyone know if Kearny has any plans on repaving some of these streets? Kearny Ave. - North of Midland, Maple St. between Liberty and Quincy and Ivy St. between Quincy and King. I'm sure there's plenty more I haven't had the pleasure of driving down yet. It's obvious these streets have been negleted are there any plans to repave anytime soon?
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