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  1. Is it that hard to believe that there are adults that actually care about this music and movement enough to try to get other adults to help them. Well believe what you want. Mr. Wonderful
  2. Let's see I am a 32 year old man with a fiance who lives in Kearny and still sticks to my Hardcore roots so why wouldn't I want to help a young kid who wants to start something positive in Kearny along the lines of Hardcore. Thank You Mr. Wonderful
  3. Excuse me Mr Guest First off I am not "youth of today" its just that I am the only adult on here that knows about the type of thing he wants to do. Its called a hardcore collective meaning that its not just to promote music but to share ideas and give back to the community. Second from going to shows in my day and hearing what this kid has to say to what I understand any money made off of the shows is going to go back to support the collective not line the pocket. Meaning that it could go to help secure a better place for the shows and exhibits they plan in the future or to obtain bigger bands from other areas to play, i.e. a touring band that needs gas and a place to stay. Don't think you know what a kid that comes from the hardcore community does unless you come from one here are some resources for you to look up to learn about what this kid wants to do internet: www.abcnorio.org - not for profit organization that holds shows and art exhibits also holds food not bombs and learning centers for under privileged kids. www.hardcorenj.com -one of many hardcore webpages in nj its supports all aspects of the diy culture and has the resources for bands to put up links and dates and venues of shows and books to read american hardcore - talks about the early days of the music and the diy ethics of the bands dance of days - talks about the Washingtion DC diy scene and shows what a couple of kids could turn into a trend my band could be your life - shows that to be a good band you dont have to be on mtv and sell your tickets for more that 10 bucks to get to a show Now I threw shows in NYC in the early '90s myself and you have to charge admission not that its alot of money its roughly per person free-$3 for house/basement shows and 5-10 for hall shows the difference being that you the person who throws the show have to put up your own money to rent the hall and get the PA guy there you only take back what money you put into it. Any profit goes to the traveling/touring bands, the sound guy, and to pay off the hall. Now I don't know the ethics of the kid "youth of today" but by what he says I think thats all he would do I don't think he would try to make money off of it, thats not what hardcore is about. Now if anyone was concerned about if that kid was gonna take the money he makes off of it and not give back why dont you give him the money to throw one so he doesnt have to charge for admission or why not let him use your basement so he can throw a free one. Its not that hard of a concept to grasp, the money that is made off of hardcore goes back to make it bigger and better. Thank you Mr.Wonderful P.S. Youth of Today send me a message I'll see if I still have some old connections for halls and stuff.
  4. Mr Wonderful


    why not give me the respect of actually knowing who you are you are a coward like all racists the kkk uses their hoods the neo-nazis shave their heads and march in groups so you cant pin point them you use a guest name and pollute the internet why dont you go out on kearny ave in a shirt proclaiming your plan to rid kearny of its "trash" you are a coward so you wont you wont even meet me somewhere so i can talk this out with you like a civilized person if anyone is trash, trash, trash its you white trash pure 100% white trash our skin maybe the same but our hearts are different yours is black and cold and mine is warm and understanding mr wonderful
  5. Mr Wonderful


    i never said i was going to act violently did i i said i would like to talk to you about your words that you put on this forum i would like to meet face to face with you instead of pollute this board with it i guess you dont want this to happen
  6. Mr Wonderful


    well i do want to address some things with you but being you hide behind the term guest on here i cant find a way to contact you why dont you tell me someplace in kearny to meet you and we can set up a talk about your words of hatred mr wonderful
  7. Mr Wonderful


    You are just looking to start, the "game" Mutt!!! Just like all the Rice & Bean eating, Mango peeling, Pineapple picking, Mongrels!!! Ill bet you are here illegal, Just like 3/4 of down neck!!! Go crawl back under the fence!!! Thank GOD!!! For White America!!! Here comes Newark, Trash, trash, trash, and more trash. FlagMann. hey flag man i hope you teach your children your ethics because i cant wait to meet them at a bar one day and hear that garbage you spew from you mouth and kick the crap out of them. you forget that the only people that can complain about immigrants are the native americans and if you trace it back the europeans didnt apply for green cards in the 16-1700's. they say ignorance is bliss you must be one blissful dude. know what i volunteer to take you to washington heights or the south bronx so you can talk the talk and see ifyou walk the walk you low life white hood wannabe go live in the south and join the kkk so you can hide some more chris i'd kick their ass just for being at a bar. makes me sick that people like flagmann still exist. if i ever saw you id make sure you choke on your own blood. You are still "wet" behine your ears!!! Kid!!! But you "will" grow up one day!! First!! you have to move out of your Mommy's and Daddy's House!! Three meal's and a cot? Yeah, LOL!!! Thank GOD, For White America!!!! FlagMann. i am ashamed that an adult in this diverse town would result into pickin on the youth that are tryin to build on unity and positivity you sir are a racist go to the south and burn your crosses you hooded moron
  8. Someone Help this kid out and let him prove himself. i saw that harrison has a couple of halls that he could do this in someone that has a connection to the knights of columbus, elks or holy cross church help him out those places have nice halls. let him throw one of these events and organize some volunteer work. or even let him run it at the community center. let him prove his positivity for the youth of the town. thank you mr wonderful
  9. I am writing on the behalf of the young man known as "youth of today". I am an adult and a professional. This young man has good ideas. If i had a hall that i could rent to them i would but i dont belong to any of these clubs that have the halls. if anyone that has a conncetion whether be a member, a relative of a member, or the person who runs the pbgc let this kid prove himself by throwing 1 or 2 of these events. it doesnt need to go to the town if hes not trying to get them to run, he wants to do it himself in true DIY fashion. Please just let him prove his case instead of trying to keep him down. Thank you Mr.Wonderful
  10. I am a newcomer to this board. And with the way i grew up i wish there was something in this town that this young man has suggested. I used to go to all ages shows in the late 80's and early 90's they are a great thing. It brings together a community of young men and women that normally would not know that they have something in common, such has music, politics, and other things. Look beyond the so called "threats" they have made its just saying that the only way you can get to a racist or what not is through threating them not by violence but by showing what their hatred can come to. And what "youth of today", by the way nice reference to the band, said in another post "if you dont like what they are doing why dont you run? until then shut up" he is clearing saying alot of you on this board like to complain about the people who run this town or board of ed but none of you have said you would run to change it you all want others to do it and you elect these people in. so he is right until you do something about quit your belly acheing. getting back on topic this town does need something that these kids can do something like this but why would they go to the town meeting when all they are asking is that someone with a connection to a hall such as the vfw or the american legion let them rent it out for a very cheap price. this can only help bring the youth of our town closer together and help us bridge the generational gap between rebelious teens and young adults and the people that are the authority. thank you Mr. Wonderful
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