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  1. Buttercup

    My Observations

    Although I have not been a member of this board for very long, I have been a lifetime resident of Kearny. It seems like the only things said on this board are either extremely negative or racist. This board should be about unity and solving the problems that you may have about this town. Quit your whining and get up and do something if you don't like the way it's being done. Second, if someone brings up a valid, good idea, you people are the first to trash talk them because you don't agree with them or think that they're young. NEWSFLASH: The youth are the people of tomorrow and judging from what I read, they present some valuable points. How about some of you members or hiding guests gets your fingers out of your ears and your eyes on the screen and realize that other people have some great ideas that could help this town. For example, someone was complaining about the school board election, if you don't like the way it is run either run for yourself or go to one of the meetings to voice your unhappiness. And lastly, don't accuse me of being another member. Just because I hold the same values as others doesn't mean I'm the same person. Not everyone in Kearny has the same negative views.
  2. Louis is right. And guest, you're just close-minded. Open up your eyes and realize that the younger generations have valid opinions.
  3. I extremely agree with Youth of Today's post. This town needs things for the youth to do that don't include walking the Ave., loitering, and going to the movies. What a great idea to open a center (such as the PBGC), have people volunteer their time (which I would GLADLY do), to help give the youths in Kearny something to do where they're not causing trouble or having their parents worrying about them.
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