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    My Observations

    I signed up for this board when chris sent it to me. I would obviously support his good ideas and i thought this town would too. Unfortunatley, just like i thought, this board wasn't accepting. It really makes me sad that everyone is OK with the ignorance and racism on this board. It also dissapoints me that although they say they care about the youth of Kearny, they really dont. As soon as other people sign up with similar ideas they're all just "stupid kids" or still have to "Grow up". Really i just want to help...provide something for these kids that stand in the streets...get them off drugs and get them listening to music WITHOUT a negative message. I dont know how much longer i can read this board, all it does is upset me. -vanessa
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    ya right, register and say that to me then maybe ill take it serious. you guests are just coward sh*t talkers. KOTW Note: The above post was edited where the asterick appears under the no profanity (or anything close to profanity) policy.
  4. go ahead check the IP's you fuckin losers. youth of today sent me the link to this board to see the awesome cause he was trying to get support for and i signed up. and i was right , kearny is full of close minded idiots.
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    kearny is a cesspool. you are living proof.
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    hey dude, we're agreeing on the board....watch out....theyr'e gonna think we're the same person posting!
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    dont get so worked up dude. flagmann should just get in a car wreck.
  8. ravers are the biggest waste of life next to squatter punks.
  9. DIY HOLLAAAAA Mr. Wonderful, it's nice to know people like you exist in my town.
  10. xTFGx


    You are just looking to start, the "game" Mutt!!! Just like all the Rice & Bean eating, Mango peeling, Pineapple picking, Mongrels!!! Ill bet you are here illegal, Just like 3/4 of down neck!!! Go crawl back under the fence!!! Thank GOD!!! For White America!!! Here comes Newark, Trash, trash, trash, and more trash. FlagMann. hey flag man i hope you teach your children your ethics because i cant wait to meet them at a bar one day and hear that garbage you spew from you mouth and kick the crap out of them. you forget that the only people that can complain about immigrants are the native americans and if you trace it back the europeans didnt apply for green cards in the 16-1700's. they say ignorance is bliss you must be one blissful dude. know what i volunteer to take you to washington heights or the south bronx so you can talk the talk and see ifyou walk the walk you low life white hood wannabe go live in the south and join the kkk so you can hide some more chris i'd kick their ass just for being at a bar. makes me sick that people like flagmann still exist. if i ever saw you id make sure you choke on your own blood. You are still "wet" behine your ears!!! Kid!!! But you "will" grow up one day!! First!! you have to move out of your Mommy's and Daddy's House!! Three meal's and a cot? Yeah, LOL!!! Thank GOD, For White America!!!! FlagMann. for your information i am 24 and have lived on my own for 5 years now. the one that needs growing up is you mr.ignorant. hey i can't hear ya...must be that klan hood muffling your voice??!!
  11. So, you're the guy who was only being sarcastic when he yell "Fire" in the movie theater. Be the adult you want to be and take responsibility for your words. Otherwise, don't say them. im not a guy. i guess that's why its funny to threaten to beat someone up on a message board and be taken seriously...i know that yelling fire at a movie theatre is stupid but it is completely diffrent than beating up a racist person. so you can't even compare the two. as for being the adult i want to be i'm 24 years old and am responsible for my actions and words.
  12. im the one posting about beating up racists, not "youth of today"...its called SARCASM. im not gonna really go out there and find every racist in kearny and make them "choke on their own blood" although i would love to. anyway, the point is, this town does need something positive for the kids. all ages shows that aren't at bars.
  13. xTFGx

    Gang Problems

    that last post wasn't me. i wasn't logged in.
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