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  1. exactly and plus if we have names that are registered and can be polite enough to have our email info on here why cant these big mouths
  2. youth of today


    oh man we are also louis, subject and observations, heyduke.net, and pube as well as mr wonderful being that all our ideas are different from the other idiots that all post as guest or flagman i think its good that us youngsters are on here
  3. youth of today


    wait now people will think he will because no one understands sarcasm oh no what to do
  4. heres a news flash its not a rave i never said anything about having a rave its a show a hardcore show is actual music played by live bands there are no drugs, no alcohol, no fights yes fun and yes dancing i never should of asked for the help of people on here being most of you have no clue what the hell im talkin about
  5. youth of today


    yo you retart this guy just wants to talk to you im the one who wants to kick your ass my name is chris my email address is on here click that and email me so we can talk about me takin you on a trip to washington heights, south bronx, harlem, newark, elizabeth, and paterson
  6. you kow what louis these people on here think that since we are young people they are smarter than us let them think that you are just one of the people that the type of thing im tryin to do is lookin for come help us out remember we are classmates at khs get intouch with me im gonna try to set up a meeting for anyone of the people on here that wanna help to get together so we can actually get something done its not just gonna be about music and what not, its gonna be about giving back to the community no matter what they think about us we are gonna show them what us young people can do chris
  7. yo i just realized that its enough of all this talk come may im gonna be doin shows with your help or not and studies and observation thanx for the support i made a simple request for help from the community and what do i get shitted on by you idiots if you wanna see what we can do then come out to the shows and see what a real community is about peace out chris
  8. ok first i have i would only charge kids to get into the shows to get money for the benefit of a charity, to pay off the venue, or to get better bands to play. the most i would ever charge is $8 dollars and thats if there is more than one touring band. why doesnt any parent care about what the pbgc charges kids to go the dances or what khs charges for their events. im a private person if i need to charge admission its gonna be cheap and only to cover the cost im not a rich prick like some of you second off i dont know who mr wonderful is but its nice to see that there is an actual adult on here that would help us out. if you dont like it dont help us its as simple as that but i dont wanna hear any bitchin about kids hangin out on a street corner b/c no one will help us out yo here are people that i would like to meet somewhere sometime so we can work out these things and get shit movie xtfgx mr wonderful pube and the others from his site and anyone that wants to help if your only gonna be negative we dont need you if you dont like what we wanna do then go out and do something else instead of bitchin about it chris
  9. yeah im very close minded if knowing facts instead of what the media puts out there is being close minded then i am as for a little kid im a 20 year old young man so dont go calling people closed minded if you dont konw who you are talking about Mr. Guest
  10. sorry that was me who posted the above comment
  11. heres a thought to all that have problems with the board why dont you run for it and make a difference? until then shut up
  12. yes it has now why not give that chance to other kids
  13. i agree with the police part of you ramble but if you complain about the school budget you have no heart i graduated khs in 2001 and went through the art department that in past years collected so many awards but because of people like you i only had about 6 classes to choose from in that department. why stuff history that only benefits the white european decendents when half that bs that they teach you in that class is a lie, why learn about justice when we see that its not being served with this so called "War on Terrorism" but is really King George of Bush taking over the world. yeah schools get crapped on while we pay a billion dollars a day to keep the military at work and what does it get us 2 countries that are in shambles about a 1000 dead soldiers and no osama bin laden and no weapons of mass destruction. remember if we Educate today there will be no such thing as tomorrow's war think about that
  14. thanx dude what im lookin for on here is an adult to help us by donating us time at a hall they work at or even just giving us a really good rate on renting them i rented a hall in rutherford that cost aoubt 350 to have a decent amount of time and that was before paying for the pa system and giving gas money to the bands its like if we could get a hall for a 100 bucks a show that would be great b/c it would keep the cost of the admission to get in low and we can get touring bands to come in and play and not have to worry about paying them an ideal place for this is at 1 of 3 places the pbc being they have a nice space, the american legion hall on belgrove being they have a huge parking lot or for the town to let us fix up that abandoned building on passaic ave and run something beneficial out of there instead of putting up another park or another street soccer court that only thistle uses anyway. i find it funny that more people are looking at the gang activity thread and responding about something that if they helped us with this the "gang" pretty much wouldnt exist being we are keepin kids off the street shows what "adults" think of our generation
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