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  1. Christians should all receive a lobotomy? You lose all credibility when you write such statements such as these. Please...there's no reason to insult every Christian because of one misguided situation. The teacher was clearly wrong in his choice of statements and mostly in the audience he chose to speak of such topics. As a teacher, he crossed the boundaries of forcing his beliefs on our youth. It's not Christianity that is the problem, but this one man's poor choices. I AM a Christian and I can see where he went wrong. This young boy felt his rights were being violated and he stood up for what he believed in. It's a freedom of speech issue and mainly a freedom of religious speech for our children, for which kearny Board of Ed. has no written policies. I'm not saying that I agree with the manner in which the boy's family chose to publicize this story....As a mother I think it may have done more harm to him than good, but I understand their concern for their child's Rights. That's what this is all about; our children's RIGHTS at school. Since there are no written policies, children who ARE Christians are being treated just as badly as this boy Paul, who is on the opposite spectrum and doesn't want religion spoken in the schools. The children of both sides of this broad belief system are being treated in the same way by Kearny Administration. They are being ignored and their rights of speech are being silenced. Children have a Right to freedom of speech and a Right to freedom of religion, even in a public school system. Kearny needs to come out of the dark ages and these human rights need to be written in school policy. Our children are being hurt....yes, even our Christian children. I wanted to express that point, because Kearny Board of Ed. administrators are not doing their jobs for our children. They need to listen the FIRST time a child cries out, and not only because they fear a law suit. Policies....we Need New Policies.
  2. Does anyone know who will be the new candidates for the Board of Education? There is a "Meet the Candidates" meeting on April 3rd. Thanks
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