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  1. turk182

    kearny ambulance

    If you feel that strongly about the poor care and service you recieved that day you could lodge a formal complaint with the new jersey state dept of health office of emergency medical services preferably by mail but by phone as well and they will look into it and if warranted will take the apropriate diciplinary action
  2. turk182

    Fire Boxes

    Hi Steve long time no see i hoe you and your familyare well. Enought of the plesantries. What i find so amazing is how most peopke can be easily distracted from the discussion at hand. Steve hs brought up a valid concern and offered the residents of Kearny an alternative to dialing 911. I myself dont nessiarily agree with that alternative butit is useful. To answer some ofhe concers here there may or maynot be a delay in th apprpriate agency responding to an emergency but everyone must realize is thatin a large majority of both medicaland fie related calls all THREE of the agenciesare required to be there. the police for crowd and traffic controll, the ambulance to provide care for the sick and injured bot general public and fire-figter alike and the fireman who is fighing the fire. Having saidthat having one central call recieving center who will then make the nessisary notifications is the lesserof all the evils. As studies said it may not be the best system but it does work. So lets getback on topic and stop bashing Steve and hiscredentials as well as the fire dept. William Krowl EMT KVERS member (since1983)
  3. turk182

    Kmart Special

    If they are the ones i am thimling of they are to show where the alarm pull boxes are for the fire dept. checkthe pole under the light if there is an alarm box thats what the lights are for
  4. turk182


    just so everyone knows the civilian dispatchers have to take the state civil service test and pass it prior to getting hired. There are several required training courses that are mandatory prior to being hired as well. the thought is is to have civilians doing certain police related jobs like dispatching so as to free up more police officers who by the way traditionaly make more in a yearly salary than dispatchers and have those officers on the streets patrolling
  5. turk182

    Wait Till You Hear This

    My point exactly I was not criticizing either the fire dept or police dept. If for example there is a working fire in town the fire dispatcher has his hands full managing all the radio traffic from the fire. So the phone MAY go unanswered quickly.That is one reason why the initial call screening is done by a third person
  6. turk182

    Wait Till You Hear This

    as someone who has worked in emergency services for 20 years i am very familiar with the 911 system. Yes there is a central 911 recieving operator who is located in jersey city. The time delay in dispatching the appropriate emergency units wheather it is fire police or ems is negligable. Hudson county is equipped whith enhanced 911 what this means is if you pick up a phone anywhere in hudson county the 911 operator has the location of that phone displayed to him. So if you should be disconnected for any reason the dispatcher will be able to send some type of help to you. The main reason it is done centrally at the county level and not in the individual munincipality is the cost of the equipment and the training of the individual dispatchers is prohibative. On average from the time you pick up the phone and dial 911 to the time help is dispatched is about 2mins. whic is the norm. Yes you should know the numbers for you local police and fire depts but no you should not use them in a true emergency. Sometimes those numbers are not answered in an expiedient timely mannor. and before all the police officers and fire fighters get up in arms that is not a criticism of those depts.
  7. Louise and chris, I find it refreshing your apparent interest in politics and the events of the world and our nation. Especially in how they affect us all. Let me start by saying that i dont nessisarily agree with your political viewpoints but i respect them nonetheless. You had mentioned that you wanted to give back to the community one way that you could do this is by attempting to get your friends and fellow class mates involved politically in town and the nation as a whole. Most will tell you that voter turnout at elections is poor During the last presidential election cycle voter turnout was about 40% much less at the local level. organize your friends and get everyone you can out to the election booth not just for presidential electiomd but all electioms. The one thing you may or may not realize is that the men and women in the armed forces are the to defend and protect the very freedoms that I and you enjoy. Although I sometimes belive that most of us forget that and take those freedoms for granted. We as a nation must never forget that You may not agree with the Pres. and the things that he has done or attempted to do but you must admit that he has some core beliefs and has stuck to them while making attempts to se them come to fruition. Ulike most polititions who change thier possitions to suit the political climate at the time So in closing stay focussed and get involved remember talk is cheap and actions speak volumes
  8. turk182


    thank you so far yo are the only one who caught it lol
  9. turk182


    Flag I many or your posts you bemoan the fact that a lot of municiple workers dont live in town. My question for you is do you live in the town in which you work. If you dont why is that Should you and all people be forced to live where they work regardless of thier occupation.
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