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  1. Whoa, WHOA, f**king WHOA! FIrst off, I just realized who Joe W is and damn does that guy S**K! First of all, you have way too much time on your hands, man. Second of all, Jim always gives us a well thought out, novel of a post, supported by facts and you always comeback with a stupid quip, a short opinion or (and this is very rare) a short idea. You're just a shit-talking, mud slinging, idealistic piece of shit and i hate you more now that I know your ugly face. Your son is a cool cat though... i suppose. And you must love vicariously reliving your track days through him. It's a sweet d
  2. KOTW Chat Room? I don't think it's a bad idea, seirously. Fast paced arguments that don't take days to finish. And the site can also record transcripts of important, intelligent discussions! This may be a long shot, but... A LIVE CHAT WITH... THE MAYOR?!?! Oh I'm excited about this, anybody else?
  3. Well bud, look. It's clearly going to take time, but atleast they're donig it at all, right? and i think applebee's pays to put up an applebee's. right? maybe i'm wrong. whatever though.
  4. KearnyNJ


    Rofl. When they're not on the streets they're getting f***ed up somewhere, ou naive piece of shit. Don't you understand how things work? I know if I were an old hag like yourself, i wouldn't mind seeing kids on kearny ave. I'd know they're not wasted somewhere. You know? Would you rather not see a bunch of kids on the streets? I know when i was in 8th grade and when i was a freshman the ave was the place to be. But after that... here comes booze, here comes pot. And then I was always at somebody's house getting drunk and stoned. Which isn't all that bad. but anyway, you should be h
  5. KearnyNJ


    I'm a veteran member of this site who just took a little time off, but now i'm back in action. Me and my friend ROFL will now take over this message board... PEACe.
  6. KearnyNJ


    "different from yours"... try different from america's, B**ch. different from the belief that a woman's body belongs to her and not the f**king government. i'm sure many women would be disgusted to nkow that the money they pour into that workout chain goes to pro-life organizations.
  7. KearnyNJ


    The founder of Curves, a popular chain of "exercise studios", is a supporter of and donates money to numerous pro-life organizations. As you may already know, there is a Curves in Kearny. So now I ask you, my fellow residents, to stand up for your civil liberties by running this organization out of town by boycotting it.
  8. KearnyNJ

    Pres. Vote

    Yipes. Just f**king yipes. Do you have a brain? Do you have a heart? How could you say such a thing? To begin with, how could you make such an insensitive comment? "Well it's there fault they're dying... they volunteered." That is what you said... right? Pretty much? Yeah. Also, what do you know about whether they volunteered or not? After 9/11 and after the beginning of the war in Afghanistan, ARMY recruiters came to Kearny High School. What did they tell my fellow students and I? They told us they'd pay for our college and we'd, mostlikely, never see any combat. So what do yo
  9. Kearny High School's favorite phys. ed. teacher played the part of Bert on the Sopranos tonight... Anybody else catch that?
  10. KearnyNJ

    Good Letter

    Wrong again, The investigation has shown that all of the individuals involved in the 9/11 attacks were fluent in English. fluent? are you sure about that? maybe you want to give your source for that information.
  11. KearnyNJ

    Your Opinion

    Leadbeatter isn't the only coach out there. and he can't control whether or not antoerh coach picks up your kid. so you're basically talking out of your ass.
  12. KearnyNJ

    Your Opinion

    Thing of the past? Well thats, because most of the kid's that are in Town now!! are not American citizen's ( and "we" the tax payer's are flipping the BILL!!) I guess you want a Rice & Bean eater? And in the school system!! Alot don't even live in Town!! Thay play soccer!! English is not "heard" at the games) soon they would be roasting a pig!!! at the games. Here comes Newark, Trash, trash, trash, and more trash. FlagMann. Flagman, Kearny = ethnic diversity and I, like most, have no problem w/ it. In fact, I like it. I enjoy rice and beans, and I'm greatful for the people *t
  13. KearnyNJ

    Your Opinion

    If your (son/daughter) didn't make little league, your (son/daughter) didn't make little league. That's all there is to it. And you don't call a coach to find out if your kid made it on a team, a coach will call you. Of course, it will be a major minor league coach calling you .
  14. KearnyNJ

    Gay Marriage

    if two people love eachother. why shouldn't they be married and get the benifits that married couples get?
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