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  2. The reality is that this election will primarily be about this issue, 'tis the nature of the beast. Ya mean.... we're stuck with it... WHhoa... for real ?
  3. hmmm considering the forum supplied those tags..... I want my money back... Anyway this is for that poster who had a wee bit of a misunderstanding back a ways. http://i38.photobucket.com/albums/e101/FogerRox/sarcasm.jpg
  4. Paul, You forgot about the part where the Federal tax burden has been shifted to the states & counties over 25 - 30 yrs. You forgot about the part where the overall tax burden has been shifted to working class families over 25 - 30 yrs. You forgot that our tax system is no longer progressive, its regressive. Santos was not president 25 - 30 years ago, but he gets the blame ? WOooha. Progressive taxation has a long history: http://rdanafox.blogspot.com/2006/11/tax-r...ddle-class.html Roger
  5. TOWN OF KEARNY (3) THREE YEAR TERM 1A Barbara Ann Banach 2A Alan R. Doffont 3A Bernadette McDonald 4A John J. Campbell 5A Michael Cicchino 6A Joseph Weber
  6. Ahem, Sorry, I thought it was quite obvious.
  7. Foger


    Didn't you see a message saying a moderator would be checking your "stuff" ?]
  8. Foger

    "Don't buy it."

    Good point, but I would offer: you got a little mixed up. There is your run of the mill Christian, then there are your Dominionists & Reconstructionists. I'm not one thats into biblical law like stoning and such, I think that stuffs me squarely into the first group. I dont buy any of that Rapture stuff & I aint no "true believer".
  9. Foger

    "Don't buy it."

    How did you know..... LOL....No, but I am sending my resume out to a number of races.
  10. Establishment clause of the 1st Ammendment of the Constitution. Oh sorry, thats not a law.....
  11. Foger

    "Don't buy it."

    Dominionist Preachers are allowed to lie, as long as they are serving God.
  12. Exactly, a harm to one is a harm to all.
  13. Normally a DFA meeting is the first wed of the month, the March 7th meeting was postponed to the 14th, because of snow. Which worked out well, Paul Aronsohn, who ran for congress in NJ-05, against Scott Garrett ( & lost), attended. Paul is considering running again in '08. Hudson DFA's next meeting will be April 4th.
  14. This is being blogged about, all over the country. I first read about this issue at bluejersey.net, by poster njdem: http://www.bluejersey.net/showDiary.do?diaryId=4057 I would offer if the Kearny School Board had done the right thing when this problem first occured, the issue would have wilted on the vine. But the School Board has behaved in such a way as to garner national attention. Now that the national spotlight is on Kearny, will the School Board conitnue to embarass? Progressives from across NJ are looking at Kearny to see how this goes down. SO if you dont want people from out of the area )Kearny) to flock to your town like flies on a dead bird in the street, clean up your street.
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