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  1. Senshi

    What a great town!

    I really don't know what you are talking about. Schuyler does not look a ghetto at all. People change thereby changing the town.
  2. Senshi


    Yes it does. Their is a nice little button with "+ Edit" in it.
  3. No, plagiarism is not a crime. Yes, it might ruin their deal. No, the accusation of plagiarism might actually bring it more attention. That statute of limitations is under the assumption that they will sue. Regardless it can last for a couple of years. PS. Giving your real name doesn't automatically give credibility either.
  4. To tell you the truth I feel that teenagers at that age have probably watched things equal to or worse than that movie. However most of them aren't mature enought to do so. Yet you are right, parents should have a voice on what movies are watched in the school system. PS. The movie rating system (PG, PG-13, R, ect.) is just a guideline, not a law. And in my opinion showing the graphicness of the Holocaust is essential in showing the true tragic horrors that occurred.
  5. Senshi

    Lucky Us

    Isn't it suppose to be "Let freedom reign."
  6. Senshi

    Pube And Heyduke Kids

    And you do? If we don't, what makes you think you have any idea. No it's not. Gay is the slang term for being homosexual. It's people like you that go around calling people gay because you don't like them. Besides what do you know about our attitudes, you've never even met us. You have a point there. It just doesn't apply to us. Due to the fact that we graduated. And we aren't that messed up in the head. Those kids had serious issues.
  7. Senshi

    Pube And Heyduke Kids

    You guys are horrible at making up storylines. Your insults are even worse. I was expecting someone would do better than comparing us to the muppet babies. Then again I should expect much from anyone around here. How's that for oily skinned insight?
  8. Senshi

    Cleanup Kearny Avenue

    The problem the poice have is that the kids, regardless of how much we hate them, aren't doing anything wrong. If they are they really can't prove it. All the police do is tell them to move and stop loittering. Then they'll leave to go somewhere else or come back in half an hour.
  9. Senshi

    Boycott Coke

    Mountain Dew is better than coke.
  10. Senshi

    Improved Guidelines

    Nowadays you practically have to be a lawyer to write rules withough any loopholes.
  11. Senshi

    Improved Guidelines

    I would like to have the last word. Not yours.
  12. Senshi

    Improved Guidelines

    I am also glad to see the webmaster is understanding. Thank you. Let's see. HeyDuke does contain some "adult content." But to tell you the truth, most of the time there are more offending comments made by objectors of our site. The webmaster did make a new rule that states "In addition, url links to sites that have adult content (or advertisements for adult content) will be removed." He has also state that "This message board was set up so that residents could have discussions about issues effecting their town. Heyduke.net and pube have contributed so I will not, without reflection and s
  13. Senshi

    Improved Guidelines

    Post on this forum have more adult content than HeyDuke.net. The only thing is that the webmaster is kind enought to remove them. To the topic of self-promotion. We do not encourage nor suggest you visit HeyDuke.net. If you click on the link and don't like it, then it's your problem, not ours. There is a disclaimer on the website and it should be read. The fact that people disregard disclaimers is not our problem either.
  14. Isn't my favorite gym teacher. But that's cool that he's on.
  15. Senshi

    The Passion

    I as well saw the movie. It was really well done, in regards to the subject. I enjoyed the music of the movie as well. While at some points it did seem kind of long, there were parts which I wish they would expand on. Itis defenitely a movie worth seeing at least once. I agree with Pube that you might not want to see it twice.
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