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  1. Get off the kool-aid you bozo!!!!!
  2. Maybe your kid is the 13 year old in the 5th grade. Sorry to hurt your feelings. DUMMY!!!!!!
  3. When the screaming of 6th grader is coming from the mouths of adults , not to mention Grandparents. I have a problem with it. When the coach runs up to the kid and pokes him and yells in his face GOOD GAME 6TH GRADER, I have a problem with it. I guess that didn't happen. Choose what you want to believe. When kids call each other names it's not that big of a deal, not adults. I don't think you could be 1/2 the coach MS is. Get a life.
  4. Nice language to use in a forum. Sounds like you have the mentality of a 6th grader. No, 6th graders have more brains than yourself. Go check the rosters of the teams and you will see how old the children were. The parents were contacted by the rec. to play in the league. The 6th grader wasn't even the oldest kid in the league MORON. I think The 6th grader has more brains than youself. These are the facts.
  5. What did the 6th grader say to the coaches son ? I'll tell you, he called him a midget after he told him GOOD GAME 6th GRADER. When did the Father start with the other coach and when did the Father ever taunt another child from any of the other teams? NEVER. Stop making false accusations. The councilman should've kept control of his daughter and her wannabe boyfriend and none of this wouldv'e happened. Don't blame the 6th grader and for your information their was a kid that was 13 playing in the league and the coaches were aware of this. Get your facts straight. Sounds like your'e trying to k
  6. Harrison rec needs to make some serious changes from top to bottom. When a child is allowed to be taunted and heckled by some coaches and parents and nothing is done about it. Serious consequences can result. It's a shame when a councilman uses his influence to will his grandsons team to win at all costs. I would like to know why by putting a letter C on a kids shirt is rubbing it in the other teams face. The kids are the ones who suffer from this. I hope some serious change comes to Harrison rec. We have some pretty talented kids in this town. We just need better coaches and role models for t
  7. Just want to make it clear that no one went after a young girl. The young girl is a grown woman who was taunting an 11 year old child and poked him in the shoulder yelling GOOD GAME 6th grader in his face and the Grandfather was yelling at the kid from behind her. The Father of the child went to warn her not to lay a hand on his child. During the past three games, the child was brought to tears by this group of parents. Let's get the story straight before be run our mouths on this forum. If you weren't their , you won't know the whole truths as to what happened.
  8. Just wanted to let everyone know what really happened at the rec center concerning rec. basketball. The league is made up of 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. They were supposed to have a league for the 6th and 7th grade but they didn't get enough children to play. The solution was to put two older boys on each team and that is what was done. This was done by the rec not by the children. Recreation basketball should be about developing the childrens potential and not about winning at all costs. During the season, one team played their two older children for almost the entire game because this would gi
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