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    Science and religion

    Of course there is great randomization in our genetics as there is great randomization in the entire universe. There is a lot of "junk" in our genetic makeup like viruses and abnormalities which cause disease and birth defects. However, the right combinations of genetic material and radiation have made us what we are today. There is a force greater than ourselves, but we won't know what it is sitting on our butts, quoting from ancient books. Life is about change and some people are more comfortable in the security of having the same old material, same old job, same old building, nothing new, nothing scary... this personality type should not be an educator... even history has been misquoted, misleading, and inaccurate, and changes with newly found material. One thing that has always bothered me about our history and institutionalized religion.... women are not important enough. The big subject for both is war, and killing. That alone makes me wish for the human race to EVOLVE at a faster pace.
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