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  1. None of the above. Simply blind as a bat and overlooked it. Mea culpa and apologies. Leigh Leigh
  2. You say many silly things, Bik, but this one I can't let slide by. The Constitution is not Paul's, nor would he ever claim it to be. It belongs to the world, and most particularly to those of us in the world who are Americans. The profound respect we feel for it is not the same as worship. It arises from our educated evaluation of its content and purpose. And far from hiding behind it, we put it right up front, as indeed we should since it is the highest law of our land. You are also quite mistaken when you assert that people don't care what Paul and Matthew think. Many of us do car
  3. Guest, you seem to be unclear on the concept of a citation. It means you're supposed to tell us where these words came from . . . the published source. For example, a link to a transcript of the broadcast. Or heck, even the date, time, and name of the program on which the guy said the words you say he said (we could then try to find the source for ourselves). Or perhaps a link to his apology, in which he presumably tells us when and where he screwed up. What you've provided leaves the question of whether he actually *said* this stuff completely up in the air. Perhaps he did; but if so, y
  4. A Christian: "There you have it, folks. The Darwiniacs nonsense is exposed. ( a knotted rope EVOLVING into a slide rule ) This is the substance of Darwinism; Disneyland -like magic creating computers from rope (through blind evolution of course)." Oh, good lord. It's hard to know how to respond to this kind of foolishness. The analogy obviously had nothing to do with "blind evolution". If anything, I suppose a believer in Intelligent Design could parse it to support his belief. Personally, I don't read it that way. The substance of understanding Darwinism, or more broadly the theory
  5. "Biology teacher": If evolution is not intelligent, then it's dumb. And if it's dumb, then it's random. Unless there's an intelligence guiding the evolutionary process, it's a blind, dumb process of hit or miss, or randomness. More illogical nonsense. It's neither dumb nor intelligent; it's a process. It is not a random process; in fact it can be described very succinctly as the tendency of better-adapted creatures to fill ecological niches. How did they get better-adapted? Well, maybe they could run a little faster. Or their coloring was darker due to a mutated gene, so predators could
  6. Graduate_Student (allegedly in biology, which I take leave to doubt): Think about that; if all the living creatures of the world came from a common ancestor, we should be tripping over transitional fossils, yet there are none. Nonsense. Here are some hominid transitionals: http://www.talkorigins.org/faqs/comdesc/hominids.html The web and science journals are full of pictures of transitional fossils of many species. It's purely a lie to say there are none. And the 747 thing? Extensively debunked already. But here is a better analogy, shamelessly cribbed from a friend of mine who posts
  7. "The difference between the Christians in Kearny and the Christians in Texas it that we actually "believe that we have to go and make disciples of all nation..." This is a very serious issue and you guys seem to be ignoring it." Oh, no, we never ignore it. We work at it a lot and in many different ways. None of them, however, involve subjecting other people's children, a captive audience in the public schools, to proselytizing about our version of Christianity -- thus using the entire community's funds to advertise our views and solicit converts. Preventing such abuse is the very essence o
  8. Guest wrote: "Just don't forget that christians vote and they are the majority in Kearny!" It may not be necessary to point this out, but many Christians, far from being in favor of the actions of Paszkiewicz and the inaction of the Kearny BOE, are horrified by these events. People who take our form of government seriously, and who understand the Constitutional issues involved here, are unlikely to vote to continue the status quo in Kearny. I can promise you, if this happened in Austin, my church would be in the forefront of those calling for firing the teacher. We, as parents and as membe
  9. Oooh, 2dumb2live, what a blow! Actually, I'm happily married, have 4 kids (oldest 2 Texas A&M grads, 13-yr-old twins), a master's degree in Computer Science, and am working on my Master Naturalist's certification. My husband, Mr. Science, and I and run our own consulting firm. We stay really busy with Boy and Girl Scouts for the twins. I'm very active at our church, where I serve on several committees and used to teach Sunday School and Disciples Bible class (had to give that up because I'm traveling on business a lot now). I also served as president of the twins' school PTA for a cou
  10. Bryan, your debating style is moronic. Plate tectonics does NOT provide any support for the nonsensical idea of a global flood. You seize on one point (plate tectonics implies changes in mountain height) and extend the correctness of that one point to cover your entire argument. Sorry, doll, that fig leaf ain't covering everything! My geologist friends make a very nice living doing their thing, BTW (they're in the oil bidness). You're ducking and weaving, but still punching the air. I've only posted because I didn't like the idea that nobody was calling you on the hand-waving and hair-
  11. 2smart4u (oh, the delicious irony!), let me invite you to the Beliefnet/Origins of Life discussion. We'd love to debate Behe and Johnson with you. Leigh Williams Austin, Texas
  12. Bryan said: “I'm suggesting that a global flood is possible, and that trusting to a constant height for mountains is a faith-based assumption (particularly in light of the findings of plate tectonics) Try to pay attention." Plate tectonics? PLATE TECTONICS? You are either absymally ignorant or delusional. No reputable geologist in the world would support that lunacy. Given this level of scientific understanding, it's no wonder you confuse faith and science. Magical thinking tends to make for poor comprehension. Come on over to Beliefnet/Origins of Life discussion. I'd like to see some
  13. Here's another vote for Strife. Who cares how tall he is? On the boards, it's the size of your BRAIN that matters. Strife's kicking the crap out of these folks, and they can't stand it. On the other hand, they can't play at his level. Thus the ad hominems. Leigh Williams Austin, Texas
  14. "Patriot" and "2smart4u" Who said irony is dead? Voila -- here's proof positive that it's not! Leigh Williams Austin, Texas
  15. Bryan said: A global flood is not impossible. Au contraire, buddy, it's factually and demonstrably impossible. Bryan: You think it is, most likely, because you assume a relatively static height for the planet's mountain ranges and such. That is a faith-based assumption. Nonsense. Nothing faith-based about it. Geologists have very good models of the kind of surface the earth has had during the historical time period in question. Bryan: Plus it begs the entire question of miracles to proclaim it impossible. Like God would have a tough time whipping up some extra water if he needed it. A
  16. 2smart4u: "Evolution is not an assumption?" No. Evolution is both an extremely well-supported scientific theory and an observed fact. What a goofy question. Leigh Williams Austin, Texas
  17. 2smart4u: And Paul has become the hero of the left wing anti-God crowd. Perhaps. But he is also a hero to the pro-God crowd who understand that a fundamental American principle has been attacked. The Christianists have, through their own words, thrown a strong light onto the issue, highlighting the very problem Paul has uncovered, and made us even more determined to draw the line here and now, lest we fight this same battle over and over again in school districts all over the country. It's precisely because I am pro-God that I want to ensure that His name won't be dragged any farther thro
  18. Rosa Parks' name is not being used to discredit God. It's being used as an example of standing up against bigotry. The Christianists are doing a fine job of discrediting God and the faith on their own. In addition to spitting on the Constitution. Leigh
  19. Lawyer Bob, have you listened to the audio files from the class? If so, then you know that these conversations went on over long periods of time and on mutliple days. It is immaterial whether the proselytizing speeches were in response to questions (which the recordings show that many were not). Nobody would have a problem with the answer, "My personal faith is just that, personal, and it's not relevent to this class," or even a forthright "I'm a practicing and professing Christian" and letting it go at that. 15 or 20 minutes of preaching on Christian theology, followed by a loaded piece
  20. 2smart4u: It seems that "separation of church and state" are the most understood words in the U.S. The constitution only states that the government shall not endorse any particular religion. That's it. The radical left has expanded these words to mean any mention of God or religion in any context is illegal Well, oddly enough lawyers, judges, the Supreme Court, and educated people don't seem to have trouble understanding it. "The Constitution only states that the government shall not endorse any particular religion." Seems to me that when a government employee stands up on government time,
  21. Patriot: You nailed it. Reading this garbage from the anti-God crowd you realize how mean-spirited and angry they are. I think what they're missing is God's love in their lives. I'm not part of the anti-God crowd. I am a professing and practing Christian. But the hatred and venom the Christianists on this board spew make me sick. Likewise the complete inability some of you have to recognize one of the most clear-cut separation of church and state issues I've ever seen. I think what you're missing in your life is some rational thought. Not to mention some Christian practice to go with yo
  22. Exodus: Here's the full link to the article: How Dinasours Perished In Noah's Flood Yes!!! Praise the loard. That is fantastic. A must read article for all dedicated Christians. Thank you so much. Exodus, did you actually READ the article? And how's your reading comprehension? The article is about the mass extinction at the end of the Permian period, 250 million years ago. It has nothing . . . absolutely nothing . . . to do with Noah and the flood. Leigh Williams
  23. Guest, you can disbelieve or believe whatever fiction you want, but the fact is, climatologists are in agreement. Do some research, for Pete's sake. Something tells me you're also a creationist. They're usually the ones claiming that their junk science is "dismissed" by real scientists. Oh, what a shock. Scientists are persuaded by evidence, not your gut feelings or sacred myths (whether you get them from W or from the Bronze Age). Unless you're a climatologist or can present compelling evidence, or at least some links to peer-reviewed articles, your opinion is *ahem* unpersuasive. You
  24. An unregistered guest who wisely did not use his name: " . . .you will not make new friends in college. You will live a lonely life. " I doubt that. People who are in college are often pretty smart and passionate; Matt will surely be able to connect with those people. Guest: Please end this, get out of my life, I was in high school with you but I never saw you then--I leave and you are on CNN when I am trying to relax before an exam. So it's all about you? Grow up. Guest: Most importantly, when I try to take a break from studying and go onto facebook.com you are there, dominating the
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