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  1. Pathetic and infantile. Grow the hell up. You're totally incapable of thinking of any 'setup' between taping the rooms and that? Talk about a false dichotomy; very black and white world you must live in.
  2. If the pattern's taught me anything, a post starting with this is sure to have little to no actual content. Let's see... Why in the world not, if concern over the safety of the kids spending a night at a hotel is so great? Surely it would do a lot more good than a piece of tape. Non-sequitur, it seems.
  3. Look at that fallacious appeal to emotion. The tape does not create safety in the least, so the above statement is total non-sequitur. There are parents with them? And you still think the tape is necessary? If the kids aren't even left 100% alone, then all the less reason. Looks like the question that you started your post with wasn't sincere--you were more than happy to make the assumption that was necessary for this last part here.
  4. It is considering that if something happened to them, the tape would make no difference overall. Not to mention that if multiple people are in a room (as I imagine they'd have to be), what would Paszkiewicz do, yell at all the occupants even if it was just one of them who snuck out? What's next, cowbells around the neck? Unless there's one person per room, it would only narrow it down at best, actually.
  5. Wait, are you saying that tape on the door would magically prevent anything form happening? Taping the doors doesn't make anyone safe all by itself. That's like saying that putting a "do not rob" sign on your front lawn will keep your home from getting burglarized. Your reasoning is silly. The tape would keep tabs on someone sneaking out, but it would do absolutely zero to protect them while they're in their room. However much protection that locked door gives, the tape does not add to.
  6. It directly agrees with this terrorism expert who is a consultant to several government agencies: http://www.schneier.com/blog/archives/2006...the_terror.html Wonder why that is?
  7. The word is TERRORist. How do you think they earned that name? Dictionary definition: "noun: a radical who employs terror as a political weapon" You don't have to be an authority to know how something as basic as how terrorism works. Just open a history book once in a while. Hell, it's right in the name, come on. The people in the towers and the planes were not the real targets; the rest of us were. IIRC, Osama was pleasantly surprised because he didn't expect the towers to fall at all. When you cannot be assured of having a phone call with someone overseas without it being listened i
  8. Strife767

    We need change!

    Coming from someone who is wrong as often as you are, I'll take that as a compliment.
  9. http://forums.kearnyontheweb.com/index.php...indpost&p=78924
  10. Again, those who would give up freedom for security deserve neither. It's a sad day when this country has forgotten the meaning of "essential liberties" and how important it was to have them. Actually, most of that 'sentiment' is just a jab at the Bush-heads who seem to think that having Bush in office makes us impervious to terrorist attacks. Pointing out the fact that he didn't stop 9/11 is just injecting a bit of reality back into the equation. Don't you see how terrorism works? The whole point is to SCARE you. If we had been able to show that their plans failed, that would deter the
  11. That's just not true. Plenty of Jews spell it with an H, as a simple googling will reveal.
  12. So, it would have been easier to thwart, and yet it wasn't. Bush Sr. had even less of an excuse to fail at it, by your logic.
  13. I think he meant Nixon, hotshot; he was a Republican. I'd rather have a president who sleeps around than one who racks up trillions of dollars in a pointless "war" anyday. http://pearly-abraham.tripod.com/htmls/bushlies1.html
  14. Strife767

    We need change!

    Asking you who is and isn't a nut job is like asking John Wayne Gacy for childcare tips. Of course, it's not like anyone actually asked you.
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