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  1. I believe the issue on the table is the lack of a contract for the fire officers of the KFD. We should be adults and stick with this issue only. If you feel that the firefighters or any other town workers need drug testing then you need to go to the next town meeting and state your concerns in a public forum. Another possibility is to call the Mayor and meet with him in private and state your concerns. I am a town employee and a taxpayer in this town. I find it disgusting that the contract talks have lasted this long. Unfortunately you cannot only blame the town administrator; you have to
  2. I believe the major concern about not having a contract for the fire officers is a taxpayor concern. The question we should be asking is....Has the town has been setting aside the funds to pay on contracts as they sit waiting to be settled? Not only fire, but now we have police also.....
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    Hey Webmaster

    My sexuality should not be any concern of yours. Besides, i may like it in the closet.
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    Hey Webmaster

    I think it is time to change your top stories on the front page. The Warehouse hot spots that were smoldering in Kearny have been out for two weeks the Water main break in Kearny that delayed traffic has been fixed for three weeks The Town of Kearnyand local firefighters have indeed finally come to an agreement, but the officers hav been without a contract going on 4 years Kards name football coach but still have no place to play KVERS change their name to KEMS KEarny Police officer almost gets killed in a high speed chase in south kearny
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    Yo Dog, it's all about the Bling Blibg..................................word PS, white boy can play dat thing
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    Car 54

    Is it true that the Kearny Police just settled their contract? If so then now we can sit back anr relax because all the contracts are settled!
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    It is my understanding that the Kearny Volunteer Emergency Rescue Squad (KVERS) has won the bid to be Kearny’s full time ambulance service. As I am unable to attend town hall meetings I was wondering if anyone can enlighten me on this matter.
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    Do We Own You

    I am old, and i have to say i have no idea what your talikng about.
  9. What do you look like?
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    No Contract For 3 Years

    Mike who? Web Master, don't you think it is about time you tell us who you are?
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    No Contract For 3 Years

    Can somone please tell me what FMBA stands for. I am sorry, i should know.
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