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    The Bears name was Sinawik, the reverse of Kiwanis, as in the Kiwani's Club. jus sayin
  2. mrmike

    garbage cans

    My we were up late putting that little diatribe together weren't we? You paint a very vivid picture there though one that I strongly doubt comes from a healthy imagination, no a picture painted that well comes from the minds own eye, a recollection of events and memories of the past. No wonder your so hateful. The things you must have seen, you poor thing. Still amongst your many shortcomings you may also count reading comprehension, allow me to help......"I put a name to my posts".... notice the quotes? That means you can find that statment verbatim in my post above, what you may also notice is that what it doesn't say is that I put.. MY.. name to my posts. Right Guest? Again if you'd like to know my real name (many on this site already do) and as a matter of fact you yourself have stated that you knew who I was then stop by have a cup of coffee and I'll be more than happy to show you my drivers license,lol. I will give you a little tidbit about me though I didn't go to Kearny High. Now what were we discussing? Oh that's right garbage cans.lol Take a deep breath and calm down your blind hatred is letting your inner ignorance come screaming out. Oh..Mom says Hi... jus sayin
  3. mrmike

    garbage cans

    The reason you know who I am is because I put a name to my posts, if I had something to hide I would log in as Guest. Interesting how you say it's funny when your post shows nothing but rage, you are a very angry person (sad?), in so far as stuffing me into a garbage can you do know where I work and when I'm there as we've had this discussion many times before and as always the invitation for coffee remains standing. Whats funny (or maybe disturbing) is how easy it is to rattle your cage, I expected your response and you didn't disappoint, thanks for the grins, lol. Maybe up the meds? jus sayin
  4. mrmike

    garbage cans

    You busted your azz to shovel that spot out so you could get your car out, if you could have gotten in and driven away without touching a shovel thats exactly what you would have done. I've seen people blocking spots in front of homes they don't even own, classy. On my block a garbage can in a parking spot has a lifespan that can be measured in nanoseconds once I see it then its back on the sidewalk where it belongs. yeah I'm that guy. Want a reserved parking spot? Buy a house with a driveway. jus sayin
  5. Easy there Butchy you don't want to vaporlock on us now do you? What would I do for free entertainment? All the facts are easily verifiable by you but you're not on a quest for the truth now are you? 1) Regardless of what the voices are telling you I am not an Officer, hence the use of "we" when I referred to the Firefighters Union. 2) The bulk of the $119,000 per year the Town allowed toward raises for all Firefighters went to those Firefighters in steps as it should have considering that even in doing this they still did not recieve the actual step raise they were due because of the Towns unwillingness to deviate from the 2% cap. To make it simple for you the contractual step raises far exceeded $119,000 therefore the Town did not pay them. Looking for the document that proves it? It's called a contract and is part of the public record. 3) Kearny Firefighters do not earn anything near $150,000 a year if I did I'd retire tomorrow, neither does a Captain for that matter and I feel safe in saying that no Firefighter in the State of NJ earns that amount. The truth is it's just an outrageous made up number you chose in order to inflame readers of your posts that you rely on to be as ignorant as you. 4) Moron? LOL. Thats pretty funny, sorry was that supposed to make me angry? You know Butch in retrospect maybe you should consider a slight change in your screen name, maybe swap that "U" for an "I" I think it would fit you better, don't you? jus sayin
  6. $150,000 grand a year AND free dry cleaning, well thats a new one,lol. Uniforms are supplied by the Town as required by law, cleaning of uniforms is the responsibility of the Firefighter and there is no uniform allowance. Also Nomex is not to be dry cleaned. 2% raise? Nope the Town held the Firefighters to the 2% cap and with much of the Department still in steps most of the $119,000 a year we were allotted for salary went to the Firefighters still in step and required us to extend those steps from 8 to 15 in order to be 2% cap compliant. So actually the men in steps recieved the bulk of that money and Sr. firefighters recieved about 1%. Boat Payment? No I don't own one but if your alluding to unused sick or vacation time payouts we don't have those either, a Firefighter only gets paid if he's out sick you cannot accrue sick time, vacation time is also required to be used in the calander year it is earned and can only be carried over with the approval of the Chief, again no payouts. Promotions? They are a decision made by management (Chief) to fill vacancies or as needed, the Firefighters Union has no hand in promotions most obviously because we do not represent Officers, they have their own Union. How promotions create layoffs is beyond me, common sense would say if your going to reduce manpower then a corrosponding decrease in management would also be occuring but maybe not in your world. Interesting you consider Harrison FD doing great in the wake of 5 Jersey City firefighters being injured in a Harrison fire this past year and local headlines and Mayors calling for Harrison to step up their manpower. As I understand it Harrison is presently attempting to gain a SAFER grant that would allow them to substantially increase their Dept. manpower. Whenever I read posts such as this I often wonder if the person posting is ignorant of the facts or just posting prevarications out of malice. So Butch which are you? The idiot or the liar? jus sayin
  7. Except for a one year period during the Vartan administration where the TOWN switched the public employees health benefits to NYLCARE the health care provider for the Kearny Fire Dept. employees has always been New Jersey State Health Benefits. If I remember correctly HFD changed providers as a savings to the Town when NJSHB was one of the most expensive plans, obviously things have changed since then. Doc I could write a very long post responding to your statments but I'm sure you wouldn't appreciate my candor so I'll leave it at this, I am a Professional Firefighter for the Town of Kearny and have been one for 25yrs now, I am also a lifelong resident of Kearny, I was born here. This is my job I don't play at it and I don't interfere with others doing their respective jobs. Your ambition to become a paid firefighter is quite apparent, your arguments to achieve that desire through various "plans" are to put it lightly and politely, unfeasable. What annoys me is that you know it and if you don't then you have no business commenting here. Your have a little knowledge but that doesn't make you smart, just dangerous. BTW I was at the FE Rogers fire and am intimately aware of the actions of the E Newark FD during that fire and many others over the years, out of common decency and a show of respect I've always chosen to keep my thoughts to myself and not air them on this forum, food for thought. Harrison Senior I see your ongoing battle with the truth using your army of ignorance is alive and well and as usual..... failing miserably. jus sayin
  8. Funny thing, Years ago when the NAACP initiated it's litigation against the Town and it's residency requirement there was a hiring of 5 RESIDENT firefighters during the process. The NAACP took exception to this and wanted the RESIDENT FIREFIGHTERS dismissed until they had their day in court of course expecting to prevail (obviously they did) and then have non-resident (read Newark) residents hired. These men had quit their jobs and were now forced to pool their money to hire legal representation in hopes of keeping their positions with the KFD. I along with many other Kearny Firefighters went to Judge Marion Barry Trumps courtroom to show support for these men and their families, residents all, when she made her decision. I don't remember seeing any of you Conserned Citizens there. You guys are a day late and a dollar short. jus sayin
  9. Kearny Engine 1 in who's district the fire occured along with Squad 2 (Kearny Avenue and second due engine to Dukes St.) were in South Kearny participatng in a drill with Kearny Engine 4. The remaining uptown Engine, Engine 3 were on the scene of another incident leaving Truck 1 as the only available unit at the time with 3 men. Not quite as dramatic or scandalous as "Guests" post but more importantly.....factual. Regardless, fire extinguished, residents unharmed and the home and surrounding homes saved. Intersting that you never mentioned the injured and hospitalized Firefighter or at the very least the residents and their losses. And I do believe the residents may differ in opinion in regards to your "small smoke/fire condition" comment. jus sayin
  10. Hmmm, it appears I've struck a nerve and such language oh my! Strange most clowns are happy when they make people laugh, you must be one very sad clown. jus sayin
  11. Hahahahahahah! You never disappoint in your predictability, I just knew you were going to head straight for the homosexual innuendo, your posts drip of your preoccupation with it, haven't you ever gone back and reread them? Has it not ever occured to you that you (and only you) spend an awful lot of time questioning others sexual orientation? Why is that? I believe the appropriate term for this is transference. Since you are also preoccupied with where I am and what I'm doing I'll tell you, today I'm laughing....... At you You really need another angle this one just doesn't seem to be working out real well for you though I do owe you a debt of gratitude you gave me my first good laugh this week and for that I thank you. Good luck with the Escorts regardless of their gender. jus sayin
  12. Well I can tell you what I'm not doing with my summer, I'm not spending it obsessing about where YOU are, LOL! Interesting that you know how long it takes for an Escort to get to your house. "You're Creepy" Yup that pretty much says it all. jus sayin
  13. mrmike

    Peruvian Day Parade

    "May all residents of West Hudson enjoy the Peruvian Day festivities graciously hosted by the Honorable Mayor Santos" Really? What a guy! Oh wait the Honorable Mayor Santos doesn't own a home in Kearny and therefore pays no property taxes. Mayor Santos isn't "hosting" anything. We are. My best wishes to the Peruvian Community and their parade. jus sayin
  14. Well I am trying and I appreciate your noticing my effort, baby steps, right? It's all about being accepted. Triple D, Yup I intentionally omitted that fact ,funny how it wasn't brought up til now and not by my biggest detractor, hmmm I wonder why that is? Potiticians, funny people ain't they? jus sayin
  15. Everybody shiould start their day with a smile so here's yours, I sat down and began writing down the names of those I know retired on the 1st of July and came up with 8. Thirteen was wrong and unlucky. The 1.5% vs 35% I will not even debate that, you have a problem with how it's being enacted? Write Gov. Christie it's his referendum we had no part in it's creation if you want it done differently tell him, I see he handles criticism very gracefully and will appreciate your input. jus sayin
  16. No sir a Math Teacher you most certainly are not. jus sayin
  17. mrmike

    Washington St. Fire

    Great job HFD! A good stop. jus sayin
  18. Allow me to introduce you to one of "Guests" most recent posts on the Harrison side of this Forum.... "What a disgrace the Harrison Fire Dept. is and they have proved it again. The towns full compliment of fireman had to push the panic button AGAIN to put out a little ol' fire. When the HFD arrived after quite some time (you know, the I'm tired, five more minutes syndrome) they didn't even know how to operate the equipment until one of 5 other towns arrived. They just stood there and watched until another dept. got there. In my opinion, it was one of the worst cases of cowardice by the HFD I have ever seen, and there have been plenty. The second disgrace was when they put up the truck ladder too far from the building and argued about who would go up the ladder. A Police Officer finally had to go up the ladder first. ( That was a different time ) A multi-million dollar budget for a bunch of clowns who are afraid to even pee in a cup. It's more of a comedy show to watch them. The best was when one ff wiped some soot off the ground in back of the house on his face to dirty himself up to look like he did something. When the Kearny union rep. said," Somebody will die...," he may have been talking about Kearny and Harrison. P A T H E T I C !!!! MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!" Really? So this guy was in front of and behind the house all at the same time? At 3am no less. This is an example of pure unadulterated prevarication, a figment of someones twisted little imagination,in other words it's BS. A play by play description from someone who wasn't even at the game. The Harrison FD did an excellent job at this fire considering that they are severly undermanned and the fire had a good head start on them. Add to this the fact that KFD's communications were down and there was a delay in getting the second alarm out, fortunately we've learned to cover ourselves by keeping radio watches. How do I know this? I came on shift the next morning and the first question I asked was "how did the Harrison guys make out?" The answer I got back was "they did great". That's good enough for me. And to my bestest buddy Guest I say, when was the last time you put 75lbs of equipment on and humped a hose up three flights of stairs in 98* temps? Yeah I thought so. Flame on Johnny Torch jus sayin
  19. Well if you read you'll get your answers, that said the Town of Kearny hires out of town Firefighters the town council has seen fit to not push for a residency requirement a big mistake and disservice to the Kearny residents and their children in my opinion. I am of the opinion that there should be a residency requirement, there was one when I was hired I see these kids at fires and am saddened that they'll probably never get a chance to do this job and that's just wrong. But in the end read some of the posts on this Forum would you want to live with people that have such a low opinion of you? I often question why I stayed. I've explained my Comp time way too many times already, if you don't get it then you don't, if it wasn't a bonus to the Town then why did they ask us to do it and then credit the budget with a savings of several hundred thousands of dollars. As far as overtime that's manpower driven not something I have control over, same with health benefits and I wholeheartedly agree that they are way over the top, how come Gov. Christie didn't put a 2% cap on them as well? And after all the paperwork is done my payment is 35% of my benefits not 1.5%. You want a smaller Dept. you got it, 13 more left last week in retirement and are not being replaced, Christie has raised my pension payment and my medical benefits payments were initiated by referendum not negotiation yet still my taxes haven't gone down, maybe next year,lol. As far as apologies, nah not going to happen, I'm not sorry that Guest is an idiot and I don't think he is either if it wasn't for the internet and his computer he'd have nothing to do but kick his dog,lol. I treat people on this Forum as they treat me, if you act like an idiot I'm going to call you on it, you and I have managed to have a civil discussion here, right? Now look at Guest's posts, like I said we have a history here that goes back several years, he got his start bashing HFD on the Harrison forum and still does, no rhyme no reason and probably not even a resident just a Troll. So I guess that makes me a Bully, I can live with that. jus sayin
  20. Aww you missed me and you learned a new word, nice language do you kiss Mommy with that mouth too? I just love reading the comments about how we should have a volunteer fire dept. It's never I'm going to start one or I want to be a volunteer,how about stepping up to the plate yourself after all it's an easy job right? And you already know so much about it. Lets do some math, what's 1-1+1=? here's a hint the number is right in front of you, that's how I don't come out ahead. Fire dept. Spokesman? Government worker spokesman? Nah but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last nite. Play nice kids jus sayin
  21. Lets see how many questions I can answer just using information that already exists in this thread. 1. "you've also never told us what it is exactly that you do for a living, are you ashamed?" Yes, a question and not the first time I've asked it....still no answer but he likes to tell us what kind of underwear he prefers. 2. Yes, I was paraphrasing Guests/ Georges post....."I cannot see why a person's name is required to post an opinion. It is the content of the post that matters, not who said it. For instance, Mr. FMBA would have been better off not using his name and associating himself with his uneducated post and comments predicting that, "People WILL die." He has solidified the fact that he is an underachiever after having unlimited time for his composition and made a complete fool of himself." My take on this statement is that it's better to remain anonymous when posting so when you make a stupid statement people will not know who you are and yes by the way I do think that Guest / George is an idiot, but in this statement alone he also shows he's a coward and aware of his own shall we say "limitations". 3." Is it $98,000 a year (without over-time) as a firefighter? Or is it $135,000 a year (without over-time) as a captain or is it $174,000 a year as a deputy chief?" "I'm not an Officer" " I am proud to be a Firefighter for this Town " Well I think that's pretty clear. 4. " You said you worked 200 hours without pay in 2011. That was wrong. You got compensatory time. That means you will get 200 hours PAID time off. That's the equivalent of an additional 5 weeks " "I have recieved only 24 hours of the Comp time owed me " "Simply put if the Town recieved work from it's employees without renumeration it's free.They're not giving me anything I didn't already have.' I gave the Town over 200 hours of my personal time if they give me 200 hous back how am I ahead? If I lend you a dollar and you give me back my dollar did I make money? Please tell me your not an Accountant. And if I haven't made it clear to you let me say it again, the Town still owes me. 5." Now that you were caught bullying others" "Just move your little mousey on to the next page and all the bad mans words will go away." Now really... I'm a Bully? Did I come into your home grab you by the scruff of your neck and force you onto this webpage? Are you that easily intimidated? For your sake I certainly hope not. By the way in case you weren't aware of it your new friend Guest/George has been admonished by the Owner of this website for threatening members of this forum. You picked a real winner,lol. Last year the percentage of people with one million dollars in liquid assets rose 2%, an intersting stastic considering we're supposed to be in the worst economic times in decades. The rich continue to become wealthier and American companies send their work overseas while Americans go without jobs. And the middle class, what's left of it are tearing each other apart, there was a time when workers strived to get more and do better now the trend is to take from those that have more, not to rise up but drag down. Let me restate something I said on this site years ago, "If you think the Government is going to take from me and give it to you your sadly mistaken" My pension money has been going into the State coffers since the 90's we've reduced the manpower to the bone and increased healthcare payments. So how come your taxes haven't gone down? Oh and read the other Threads, now it's our fault that fires are getting beyond our abilities. Over the past few years I've posted my work location and shift times along with invitations for coffee, my salary and position are also known and I've posted under the same screen name the entire time along with the fact that I am a resident of the Town. So who's hiding? jus sayin
  22. Angry? Your kidding right? Mildly bemused would be a more adequate description,lol. A personal attack? Not hardly, trust me if it came to my mind to go down that road there'd be no doubt but there are people out there that have very thin skins and find themselves easily threatened, don't like what I have to say or how I say it? Just move your little mousey on to the next page and all the bad mans words will go away. You come to this little tete a tete years late my friend I suggest you do some reading of past posts and educate yourself or you can continue on the assumption that you know the players in this game... there is a history here. My salary? Oh how many times have I answered this question? Ok how about one more, my salary along with my name and the names of all Kearny Firefighters is easily available on-line has been for years all you have to do is look, it's one of the perks of public employment feel free to repost. Comp time? The Firefighters agreed to work on an hour for hour ratio even though comp time was replacing overtime which is based on a one to one and one half ratio so my 200 hours plus was actually 300 hours plus the Town recieved an immediate free 100 hours due to this straight conversion that's right into the pocket. Comp time is also only paid back when there is adequate manpower to allow for a man to be off without incurring any expense to the Town again no cost. Because of this I have recieved only 24 hours of the Comp time owed me because the Dept has been downsized to the point that there are not enough Firefighters to fill the positions much less allow people off for Comp time. The Agreement was that the time would be paid back by he 31st of May needless to say it never happened nor will it happen in this year. Simply put if the Town recieved work from it's employees without renumeration it's free.They're not giving me anything I didn't already have. I'll make you a deal, you get the Town to agree to it and I'll donate all the money in time owed to me to the St. Barnabus Burn Center or how about the Wounded Warriors Charity, want an incentive? You can have the tax write off. Just a reminder we did this to save Firefighters jobs and maintain the level of manpower as it was, now as it turns out it was all for naught as the Town is cutting manpower anyway which brings us full circle to the reason this thread was started. As far as others in my famly being employed by the Town if that's true then you must know who I am so go ahead and post my name and the names of those in my family that are employed by the Town as well ,you have my permission but if you can't then it just means your a liar then doesn't it? So yes I'm calling you out. Don't like me? Fine. Hate Firefighters in general? It's all good. Because regardless of those feelings we will continue to do our jobs to the best of our abilities to be there whenever and wherever we are needed. I am proud to be a Firefighter for this Town it's my life and no one will ever be able to take that from me and yours and others poor opinion of me and my Brothers is just part of doing that job a sad part but still a part. So continue to flame away.....I'm used to the heat. jus sayin
  23. Ok lets see if I can take a stab at this,lol.... 1. I'm not an Officer promotions are a matter of management (Town Council/ Mayor) and wages are a part of negotiations between the Town and the Officers Union of which I am not a part. 2. Asking a person what they do for a living is hardly a personal attack it is in the manner of polite conversation a common subject between two persons especially when the conversation is about jobs that said if you asked a person what they did for a living and they responded with the type of underwear they preferred.....well there's your sign. 3.The statement made was that people WILL DIE not HAVE DIED and I'm sure we all hope that prediction will turn out to be wrong but we're certainly not heading in the right direction. 4. Please feel free to stop by the Firehouse with a time card and I will be happy to filll it out for you. 5.I am the only person in my family employed by the Town of Kearny. 6. Everyone has a personal budget and has had to cut back, I worked over 200 hours for free last year and there are others that have worked even more, the Town saved an incredible amount of money because of that. jus sayin
  24. Nice post, what's it mean? As far as your knowledge is concerned you have yet to show any, you just throw out inane numbers,facts and accusations with no substantiation whatsoever. Over the years I've volunteered to show you anything you'd like to see or know and told you where to go to find any documentation you may want for proof yet you choose ignorance time and again. I guess that's why they call it bliss, you've also never told us what it is exactly that you do for a living, are you ashamed? As you stated in your past post there's no reason to put a name to it because the content is all that counts and you may look stupid and then people would know who you are and therefore know you are an idiot. So you do read your posts then. I am glad to see that your spelling has improved.....George. jus sayin
  25. George, The above referenced statement is about reduced spending maybe you missed that. Wanna talk about money? The Firefighters of Kearny voluntarily gave hundreds of thousands of dollars back to the Town by agreeing to wage freezes and comp-time last year in an effort to preserve a minimum manpower level for the Town and it's taxpayers. Don't you remember? You wrote several scathing little tirades stating that we had sold out the younger Firefighters in doing so. Guess you changed your mind. Now after all the Unions of ALL civil service workers in this Town have done to help in controlling costs the Town is reducing manpower levels anyway. And whether you like it or not lives and safety of both Firefighters and Citizens are being put at risk. Disagree? Then show up at the next Town Council meeting and tell the Chief of the Kearny Fire Dept. that he's wrong. And while your there you can tell the "Honorable Mayor Santos" as you like to refer to him what a great job he's doing in a Town he does not even deign to own a home in. Obviously it's not his taxes he's concerned about going up but in case your wondering......mine have. because I do own a home in this Town as does the President of the Kearny FMBA. A claim I am most certain you cannot make. jus sayin
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