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  1. Santos isn't running in this elections cycle, and even if he were, there are no sour grapes. I prefer the fiddle rather than the violin, and frankly, isn't Santos playing the lyre as Kearny continues to burn? And my relationship with the Town is non-existent, so your point is? A write-in campaign, indeed, if nothing else it demostrates the strength of democracy, not the autocracy we see with Santos and the his puppets. It may not win an election, but it is a way for the people of Kearny to express their opposition to the status quo, the ingrained Democratic politics that is Kearny, and the mi
  2. Why slanted; the questions are valid and you avoid attempting to answer them. Your rather contrived effort to divert attention from the questions using rather trite allustions to heat, kitchen and burns, was rather gallant, yet ineffective. Do you have answeres to the questions, if not, then admit it or avoid the need to make unsubstantiated comments.
  3. wu-su

    Town Hall

    Put the racial statements aside; the question is why, for what reason; the other question is who gave the order and what was the justification? If a foreign flag is to fly next to the US flag, there should be a valid reason rather than an arbitrary decision that sleights or favors one foreign flag over another.
  4. It will be interesting to see how the dynamics of the Town actually begins to change. Who is going to do the dirty work for the Mayor, and to a lesser degree, his Council? Who is going to cover the Finance Chair's back? Who is going to take the heat at Council meetings? Who is going to replace the Business Administrator's friends and chosen vendors? When is a retirement not a retirement yet it's considered a retirement and comes with full compensation – when you work for local government in the State of New Jersey.
  5. The idea of a tax revolt is great because there is a need to counter the serious political imbalance that exists in Kearny; regretfully, with the Santos Democrats in full control any opposition is tolerated on the surface (in public – in private the Mayor can be rather disdainful), the opposition is given a superficial hearing (in public) and an even shallower response, and then, when all is said and done, the Council does what Santos wants. Problem is, with no opposition on the Town Council, the Mayor's puppets will continue to adopt any Resolution he cares to introduce. The people of Kear
  6. Yes, Town residents have been getting it from this Mayor and his Council for the past 10 Years.... tax increase after tax increase! Say "No" to Santos' shell games, word play and sleight of hand!
  7. I believe Mayor Santos stated in The Observer that the municipal portion of the budget was 36%, not 20%, which means your calculation is incorrect and misleading and it is off by 16%, which further means that 64% not 80% goes to the county and schools; by the way, when Santos came into office, the municipal portion of the budget was 25%, which means he increased (grew) muncipal government by 11%. Quite frankly, the last thing we need is this Mayor for another four years, the Town can't afford Santos for another four years. The last thing we need is four more years of indecisiveness, mismanage
  8. It's taken 10 years to get this far on the bat factory; and nothing is formally finalized? And why couldn't Santos decide on other development opportunities on Passaic Avenue other than the bat factory in 10 years? A $5 million suplus in a competive election year makes me wonder how he's been juggling the budget. Increase in his previous 9 years and wow, what a miracle, Kearny has a surplus. By doing nothing Leadbeater can accomplish more than Santos. Sorry, my votes with Leadbeater.
  9. A 72% increase in taxes and an 11% growth in municipal government goes far beyond an ever-weakening dollar. Perhaps it is more indecisiveness and mismanagment; 10 years of indecision and wavering. He maintains an army of attorneys and accountants; his Department Heads are very well paid; his B.A. is extremely well compensated; and he is elected Mayor, so over 10 years, why would valid ideas have to be delivered to his door, what has his costly braintrust been bringing to the table? He should have devivered the goods to the people of Kearny in the form of lower taxes!
  10. We are not talking about other towns, we're discussing Kearny. And wasn't lowering taxes part of his previous campaign promises? In 10 years he has raised taxes, what 72% and municipal government grew from 25% of your tax rate to 36% of your tax rate; 11%. Let's not divert attention from Kearny by bringing in other towns.
  11. Although it may not be something I want to admit, I am somewhat aware of the workings of government; at least enough to know a little about the roles of professionals. My point is that Kearny doesn’t need the army of attorneys that the town seems to have paid during the course of the past year, particularly since they have three or four appointed attorneys. I have been told that spending on legal fees is excessive. In fact, I recently heard, and have yet to verify the information, that one firm, handling one case was paid over $600,000 last year and has received more money this year? Or wh
  12. I understand there were several opportunities for Santos to guide or take the lead towards development of the bat factory, but he let these opportunities slip by him. Why couldn't he make a decision; wasn't any proposal good enough for him? What was he looking for a Short Hills retail and condo development? Because of his indecisino we now have this situation with trustees, a situation that could have been avoided had the Mayor been a leader.
  13. More often than not the Democrats do not have Republican opposition, so yes, the Republicans do need to put up candidates who offer viable alternatives. Perhaps this run by John Leadbeater will provide the impetus that leads to a resurgence of Kearny's Republican Party.
  14. With all of these lawyers around him, and with access to legal advice through his Council, why does he have to pay an army of lawyers to make decisions for him? Does the Town need a new, "special" attorney for every action it takes? What has this enlightened group of done in 8 years? Where is development from the Town's development plans; the proposals of developers still be weighed by the Town's Planner and Attorney? Will a decision ever be made? How many development plans were passed over when the market was at a high? How many missed opportunities did the Mayor and Council let slip aw
  15. I would like to hand power over to people who will actually get things done; who will follow through on development plans, who will be more creative and innovative, who will take actions and make decisions rather than rely on an army of attorneys for guidance and opinions; I prefer to hand power over to others who will lead rather than float aimlessly in the muddle of indecision. Instead of repetitive nothingness I would like to see progress.
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