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  1. You still haven't answered. How does someone on the re-development board think a mall would bring to much traffic, but not a 20,000 seat stadium?
  2. Updated with a feedback function to give me issues to make difference. No issue should be to small. www.friendsofharrison.com click here
  3. Go to www.FriendsofHarrison.com and download the Harrison Re-Development plan for free. See for yourself what the plan looks like. See if candidates Anselmo Millan (Mayor), Maria Camano (1st ward), Steve McCormick (2nd Ward) & Joseph Wood (4th Ward) are right that this re-development plan is not planned efficiantly and not great for Harrison. Understand that they are all for the re-development of Harrison, but interested in bringing in more recreational space and more for Harrisonians.... This plan is poorly planned, doubling the population of Harrison without adding a new Police station or Fire station. Without putting any new recreational spaces, 30,000 people to share the courts and the new High school field. This current administration might be nice people, but are doing a HORRIBLE JOB RUNNING THIS TOWN. LETS FACE THE FACTS, THE MAYOR HAS NO BUSINESS EXPERIENCE, NO KIDS AND NO CLUE. HE DOESN'T OWN ANY PROPERTY AND SIDES HIMSELF WITH PEOPLE LIKE THOMAS POWELL AND OTHERS, THAT CAN CARE LESS ABOUT YOU! MAKE A DIFFERENCE, VOLUNTEER AND HELP! CONTACT US TONIGHT VIA E-MAIL: Speakup@FriendofHarrison
  4. Anselmo Millan for Mayor Date: June 12, 2006 Democracy wins in Harrison Harrison voters will not be denied a choice in November In what can only be described as a major victory for voters, Mayoral candidate Anselmo Millan emerged victorious in his court battle against Mayor Raymond McDonough, and will be on the ballot in the November Election. In his ruling yesterday, Honorable Carmen Messano stated that the objections raised by County Clerk Inclan and Ray McDonough were flawed and that the laws were written “to allow the greatest scope for public participation in the electoral process, to allow candidates to get on the ballot, to allow parties to put their candidates on the ballot, and most importantly to allow the voters a choice on Election Day.” Citing Catania v. Haberle Raymond McDonough filed his protest to the Anselmo Millan candidacy when he learned that Millan signed a petition for his Democratic primary opponent Michael John Hinchcliffe. “It is disturbing to me that a current elected official would try to deny voters a choice on Election Day. It is disturbing that Ray McDonough would rather attack Democracy than defend his record as Mayor of Harrison.” said Mayoral candidate Anselmo Millan “It’s time to begin communicating our solutions to the issues that affect us, and let the voters decide whether or not they want a fresh start.” "McDonough should have nothing to worry about if he can defend his record & accomplishments as Mayor and he shouldn't deny the people of Harrison a choice. Thats was simply an example of abusing his powers as Mayor using the town attorney's at tax payers expense." Anselmo Millan is a long-time resident and former 2nd Ward Councilman in Harrison. Anselmo is seeking the office of Mayor as an independent candidate and has been an open critic of Ray McDonough’s plan to use taxpayer money for a soccer stadium, and for the unplanned residential development in Harrison. other candidates: Maria Camano 1st Ward Steven McCormick 2nd Ward Joseph Wood 4th Ward
  5. The Jersey Journal Archive COPYRIGHT © The Jersey Journal 1999 Date: 1999/06/22 Tuesday Page: 3 Section: A Edition: First Size: 556 words Merchants agree to new SID tax to make Harrison new 'in' place to be By Tony Attrino, Journal correspondent Town may become the next Hoboken HARRISON - Can this one-time industrial town become Hudson County's newest trendy spot? That's what some people think can happen as a result of a special improvement district approved by the town council at a special Friday night meeting. "We can turn Harrison into another Hoboken, 10 minutes away," said Steve McCormack, owner of a clothing store on Frank E. Rodgers Boulevard. "Harrison, when it's spruced up, can be the kind of place where people want to meet after work after getting off the PATH train for something to eat and some entertainment. We're going in the right direction." About 110 commercial property owners along Harrison Avenue and Frank E. Rodgers Boulevard from the Kearny border to Essex Street will be taxed an additional one-half of 1 percent of their assessed value. The money, roughly $82,000 a year, will be used to make exterior improvements to the business district, increase security, pay for trees, install lighting and seek new grants. The SID was unanimously approved by the town council despite some community opposition. The council also created a 15-member panel to act as the SID's managing corporation. It will include 13 business owners, Mayor Raymond McDonough, and one council member. McDonough was so confident of the plan that he staked his political career on it at a public meeting Thursday night in Harrison High School. "If nothing happens, don't vote for me next year," he told a crowd of about 60. A steering committee of 41 town business owners came up with the details for the district. Supporters of the plan cited its success in Red Bank, where the vacant stores of the 1980s became a flourishing business district in the early 1990s after the creation of an SID. In the August 1995 issue of New Jersey Monthly, it was even named "New Jersey's Hippest Town." There are now 44 SIDs statewide. "The program works," Leonard Berkeley, owner of Laundry King on Harrison Avenue, said at Friday's meeting. "Obviously it depends on how much money is available, but it works." But some Harrison residents scoffed at the comparison with other municipalities. "Our community is an industrial community, and here we are trying to give it a suburban-type appearance," John Cappuccino said. McDonough replied that that kind of thinking for Harrison is outdated. "We have tried to get industry back to Harrison," he said. "They're not coming back." Some people in the audience complained there had not been enough notice surrounding the effort to create the SID and wanted more input. "I don't see what the advantages are of letting strangers handle our business," Cappuccino said, referring to the business owners who will be on the managing corporation. "Our fathers would want to know why we are trying to turn this over to strangers." "They're not strangers," McDonough replied. Thursday night, businessmen also had a bone to pick with the SID plan. Business owner Jose Lopes argued that the assessment formula was too high. Another said it put an unfair burden on SID stores while other Harrison businesses don't contribute anything. "Why not assess all businesses? Some make millions in town and they have no assessment?" the store owner, who refused to give his name, asked. Journal correspondent William Pena contributed to this story. URL: <a href="/texis/search/story.html?table=jj1999&id=37d8314f8">Merchants agree to new SID tax to make Harrison new 'in' place to be</a> Facts (prove me wrong) Michael Fernandez
  6. If you would like to join our mission to Improve the quality of life in Harrison, feel free to contact us at: speakup@FriendsofHarrison.com I have no officail membership form nor am I limiting anyones participation. Any monies raised are filed through the State, it's public information. I don't know your point in questioning who has donated, but I'm sure your worried. I don't know why your worried, but I guess if your deprate you'll look for any means to intimidate the people. I would like you to attend the next town meeting. I will be asking to be on the Agenda. I have a few issues that people have approached me about. They feel like this administration has not listened to them and would like Friends of Harrison's Help and thats what were here for. Thank You Michael Fernández
  7. I want the town employees who put me down during election day to understand one thing. I feel like I'm from Harrison. My grandfather chose Harrison to open a business because he believed Harrison was a great place and it is. We've been in Harrison for 30 years. The town of Harrison is going through a transitional period right now. This re-development can be the best thing for this town and its people, but I truly believe that Mayor McDonough and his team are not qualified to plan such a project. Not even the infamous Peter Higgins, a person who's been involved for years with the Harrison Board of Education, but sold the kids short with JFK Stadium. The fact that one child possibly lost a full paid scholarship / or partial, is horrible. How more people don't see this, is staggering. I think Harrison is a great town. I have pride in Harrison and think the town is losing this pride. Not enough is being done to get the residents in this town involved with this town. Losing the Halloween parade is a perfect example. In the next few weeks, you will meet the candidates I will be supporting. Many of the ideas we will be explaining to the public are great ones for this town, uniting it and making us proud to be Harrisonians. At the end, whether if we win or lose, like my Father-in-law tells me, I will "be proud to tell my children of the life I lived and what I've done", because I will do it with respect. If we lose or if the Mayor and his team take our ideas, to better Harrison, our ultimate goal is to Improve the Quality of Life in Harrison, a town back on the rise. Get ready cause here we come! Michael Fernandez
  8. Great job. I would like to help. E-mail me at friendsofharriso@aol.com or speakup@friendsofharrison.com This corruption has to stop!
  9. speakup@FriendsOfHarrison.com is my e-mail. I have a copy of the re-development Plan and unlike the Re-development Agency, I feel that any Harrisonian who wants a copy, diserves a free copy. I will give it to you on disk. The Harrison Re-development Agency charges $25. I'll give it to you for free. The Plan puts Harrisonians second to these developers. TAKE A LOOK!! WWW.FRIENDSOFHARRISON.COM
  10. Appeal for Candidates for the Government Body of the Town of Harrison • Do you like politics or government? • Do you believe you can better the Community? • Would you like to be a politician or elected official? • Do you want to end the injustice and corruption in this town? • Would you like your taxes to be used for the services of the town and for a better lifestyle? • Do you believe in the constitution of the USA, “By the people, with the people and for the people”? If this is the case, this is your opportunity!! Simply write your name, your address and telephone number: Specify what your preference is: Elected official County Committee Block Leader Volunteer Sponsor Anonymous Sponsor, etc… And send it to: Friends of Harrison P.A.C. P.O. Box 87 Harrison, NJ 07029 The power of the people, in the hands of the people, for a better and brighter future. For the respect your parents and grandparents, love for your family, and for the future of your children and grandchildren, be determined and unite with us. Together we will accomplish a better tomorrow.
  11. We are very interested as to who this Jesus Huaranga is for the first Ward. What experience does he have? What is his voter history? Where does he work? What are his qualifications?
  12. The OFFICIAL LIST, from Town Hall: Mayor Raymond McDonough Michael Hinchcliffe 1st Ward Jesus Huaranga 2nd Ward Arthur Pettigrew 3rd Ward Lawrence Bennett 4th Ward James Doran
  13. Friends of Harrison P.A.C. will be calling the Clerks office early Tuesday Morning and Report the list of candidates. Michael Fernández
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