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  1. I've seen a number of reports on this event. Yes, George Zimmerman, with the assistance of another man, helped rescue a family of four from an over-turned vehicle and yes, it was an action that deserves recognition, but nowhere in any of these reports does it say the family was black....
  2. exbluetider

    KHS Wrestling

    An accomplishment was attained by a wrestler that has only been achieved by 4 previous wrestlers in the history of KHS wrestling, and the silence is deafening. This young man has devoted his time and energy to win 100 matches during his high school career. An amazing fete considering the level of competion that he's faced in his 4 years at KHS. Why no mention in the Observer or Kearny Journal? The Jersey Journal and the Ledger also failed to report on this achievement. Is this because the information was not forwarded to the appropriate authorities or was it neglected on spite? Whatever the reason, it's time to say, "WELL DONE JT". Hopefully your future endeavors quiet the detractors and naysayers.
  3. I absolutely hate this new format....unbelieveably difficult to scroll through the most popular thread DISCUSSION FORUMS.....you lost a long-time viewer......good-bye
  4. I totaly agree......when accessing the discussion thread waiting for a second window to show-up is somewhat disconcerting. Also when changing from one topic to another usually a blank window appears and then it's necessay to scroll to the top to read the posts....personally I liked the old better.
  5. exbluetider

    Happy 234th

    To all you JARHEADS happy 234th birthday aand thank you for your service.....OOOHRA.....SEMPER FI
  6. exbluetider


    What a great idea....not only will this help the young men, but it also gives the community a chance to get involved in something positive. We're always posting and complaining about the lack of activities for the children of Kearny, now we have the opportunity to "put up or shut up"....good luck and you can count me in.
  7. exbluetider

    Booster Clubs

  8. You're absolutely right and I apologize for inferring there is an unfair advantage. But, the reason I inserted that little innuendo was to point out KHS's success was accomplished with "home-grown" talent and not through the importation of young men from outside any sending area. MEA CUPLA
  9. The regionals are to be held on Tues. 2/24 @6:00pm at West Orange HS, 51 Conforti Ave......it would be nice if some of us could make the effort to show up and support these young men. As an aside, one thing I failed to mention in my earlier post, KHS placed 2nd to St. Peter's Prep. in the regionals. Quite an accomplishment without the benefit of "scholarships".
  10. With all the negetivity that seems to prevail on this forum it might be worthwhile to have some positive postings. I'm referring to the outstanding season the KHS wrestling team has had this season. These young men have devoted enormous time and energy to try to achieve some level of success, and in my estimation, they have proven to be up to the task. It's not over yet by any means. The districts are completed and eight of the athletes have advanced to the regionals that will be contested in the coming week. Hopefully, all eight will advance to the state finals in Atlantic City. However if some do not advance, we can still say to ALL of them.....WELL DONE. Lets hear it for the guys.
  11. exbluetider

    HHS Soccer

    I find it very disturbing that, once again, HHS soccer team has brought honor to the Town of Harrison, and nothing appears on this forum. People seem to easily come on this site and report all the negitivity of the town, but are reluctant to acknowledge the accomplishments of some young men that devote their time and energies to something positive. I realize the participants names don't start with Mc, Mac, "O" or end with "ski" but this does not take away anything from their honoring their town. Perhaps it's time for ALL of the citizens of Harrison to get behind these kids and give them the recognition they deserve.
  12. does anyone have any info re:lock-down in the Kearny and Harrison schools due to suspected Newark gang activity? I heard initiation into these street gangs required the harming of x number of school age girls and boys. I checked on-line NJ.com for info but to no avail. With three grandsons in school I'm concerned where something like this could lead.
  13. OOOh WEEEE......not to make too much of this but......if you want to do something bad enough you will find a way. As a kid growing-up in Harrison we could always find somewhere to play if we wanted to. Touch football on the street or walking to Hudson Park was what we did. Granted we had Roosevelt Park that is now a soccer field but again where there's a will there's a way. My feelings are too much is being done to have the kids organize when maybe sandlot ball is a better way to develope some kids. Let's face it, coaches at the organized level will play their better players, even both ways, before the kids who are less adept. On the street WE ALL PLAYED.
  14. Thank you for the update....hopefully with some excellent coaching and summer camps he'll make a contribution to a program that is ready to attain the level that it deserves.
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