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  1. Do you really believe that load of shit you just typed? You make me laugh! Did you drive down South Jersey to Pick up that Fat bastid when he decided to move back to Harrison after his mom kicked the bucket?? You are right about 1 thing in this post/ Of Course people are pissed off they didnt get a job, or felt slighted in some way. But that doesnt mean that Nepotsim and favoritism doest run wild in Harrison. Do me a favor, since you seem to sound like an inside guy. Tell me how *** **** got the **** ***** **** after sitting on his fat ass for 15 years *** *** *** ***** *** after he mysteriously left his old position working for the ****. Get back to me, I will be waiting. KOTW Note: The above post was edited for content.
  2. This has nothing to do with the topic. But why is it spelled Steven when the store was called "STEPH'S?
  3. Do us a favor??? when you respond to other's post's>?? Do us all a favor??? WHen you try to spell your 25 cent college words?? Spell them the correct way!! "resoned? what I wanted to type was "go F**K yourself jerkoff" but I know I Will be edited. I am sure you got the point. Now go crawl back up Ronald and Ray's asses where you came from.
  4. I could do that. Or I could tell you to go FOKK yourself JAGoff! What are you going to do??? Beat me up?? LOL Drop dead scumbag
  5. Obviously you do scumbag, or else you wouldnt have responded!! P.S. Will you be working the ******* ******* for Fat Cat this upcoming year? KOTW Note: The above post was edited for content.
  6. Jimmy Hoffa

    HBO in town ??

    Yah, the balloon running one of Ray the Mumblers town Dept's.
  7. Jimmy Hoffa


    Yeah, their were actions taken. HE got fired, a couple of years later, got hired back to another dept. And in those couplee of years, continued to be involved in the Recreation Dept. ***** ********* indeed!! KOTW Note: The above post was edited for content.
  8. Jimmy Hoffa


    Uninformed??? You moron, there is no falsehood that that post. You idiot!
  9. Look, for the last 2 weeks now I have been submitting posts in here, and EVERYONE of them hasnt shown up on the forum. The posts that I write arent lies, and the names I use are REAL people. Do me a favor, knock off the BULLSHIT! And another thing. THe Cover story on the web page is from January 19th. Is the friggin message board editor the only emloyee on this website?? Someone write a friggin story on current events or something!! TERRIBLE!! Seriously, stop censoring my posts. They arent inappropriate. I think I have the right to call the Mayor a lying piece of crap hypocrite, and hopes he burns in hell after the Feds get him. I would also like to take this opportunity to ask Fat Cat how he was hired oer QUALIFIED PEOPLE who were on the job for 20+ years. Also, what caused him to leave his nice job 15 years ago, and how he got the DPW job after *** ***** * *** ** ***** ** ****? I will wait. Until then, rot in hell! KOTW Note: The above post was edited for content.
  10. You work on that street, you dont own property there. Nice try though!
  11. Look at this, this idiot with the name "GHOST WRITER" telling people to say things to their face?? Are you serious???
  12. Its no secret Billy's hatred toward that Fat bowlign ball running the street Dept. Hopefully Billy will let the Feds know what has been going on in Harrison with the Mayor and his *********, I mean Dept Head. KOTW Note: The above post was edited for content.
  13. Jimmy Hoffa

    Harrison PAC

    I am sure Michael isnt worried about what people on this site type. In reality, they are the same idiots who probably smile at him and say hello to him when they see him. Michael has no job waiting for him if he wins the Matoral election. He has a good job. Its a shame. People like Michael get his families name thrown around the way it does makes me laugh. I mean, seriously, how can people who side with that worthless piece of shit Ray sit there and actually believe people are stupid enough to believe that nobody knows why **** *** ****** ****** got his job. Explain how a guy leaves a very good ******** job, then doesnt work for 15 years. ( Show me a W4 from the last 15 years) Then is handed a 6 figured salaried job running a department in town guys have been waiting 20 years to be considered for. Thats what happens when the mayor *** ** *** *** ***** ****** ****. You guys make me sick. I am amazed the Feds havent stepped in yet. I hope you all get what you deserve you scumbags. KOTW Note: The above post was edited for content.
  14. Fat Cat taking the bet?? If so, I got 2K he doesnt get bought.
  15. Anyone can come into this message board and say this and that, and be mad because of the Nepotism and the politics of Harrison until their fingers fall off from typing. The bottom line is??? Unless you get enough people together and write to people in Hudson County and in the State, or even a TV station, and let them know of all the immoral and illegal things going on in Harrison? Then, and only then will they open an investigation. I would just start off by asking a handful of simple question. 1. How does a guy who had a cake Parkway Job, lose it, not work in 15 years, then get a job running a town dept at 100K a year? 2. Why does Harrison have 3 Superintendants, when we only have 3 schools? 3. How does a Councilman have a job as a steam fitter for 30 years, and a union boss, retire. Only to get head of Janitors for the school system?? (His one brother is Fire Chief, the other is a fireman who owns a day care in town, but lives in North Arlington>?) 4. How come when the Town knocked down the recreation center on Harrison ave, between Patterson St. and Davis Ave, it took almost 20 years to build the community center>>??? I'd like to knwo what SPIRO got for the Warner Theatre? 5. How does a guy who lived in town, move away for 20+ years, return, and get a 100K+ job at PVSC. Then is allowed to build houses and do what he wants??Only to take his fat ass back down to South Jersey?? 6. Where are the fields for the kids to practice baseball and football?? Its funny, Little League kids werent allowed to practice on the infield during baseball season because they didnt want them to ruin the newly groomed infield each year. Yet the Junior Football league practiced on the little league field and tore the Outfield to shreds. FOR YEARS! and still do. I guess I can answer question 5. The Reason is, over the last 25 years, Harrison has been selling all the land to build houses and businesses. And who has gotten hurt out of all of this is the kids of Harrison. Think about it. There is no baseball program after Little League for kids. Except maybe a travel team. Why is there no Pony, Colt, or Mantle leagues?? No fields to practice!!!!! For a long time, after kids left Little League in Harrison? The sat, and had no organized baseball for 1 to 2 years, until they got into High School. A DISGRACE! That is not fair to the kids, because when they get to High School, all the competition has those 2 years experience over them. I am glad Harrison is getting a new School, and the field looks fantastic. I just hope the kids of Harrison have fields that they can go and practice on, other than fighting for a field at West Hudson park, or practicing in the Valley where its filled with rocks and acorns. I am done for now.....
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