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    HPD Vehicles

    I thought this was about the police cars? Then again you brought up a good point not only do they let you feel safe at home but if you need any work done. You have people you can trust and they wont burn you..... Keep up the good work fella's JTS
  2. It took you 18 days to come up with that?........ Real deep thinker you are. At the time it was different so I liked the idea. Now that every car manufacturer has a shade of their own it's not so original. I didnt realize that the color of someones car would make them someone different. Talk to you again in 18 days or so. To get off topic.. OH I'm sorry back on topic. If everyone that had an negative opinion was to work toward making the gardens what it should be or what you want it to be. We would have nothing to talk about on the board. Honestly all the crappy talk about one an other will get us no where. As far as unhappy people getting out, Thats my opinion all people have free will and will do as they wish. Just because I think that way doesnt mean any one else does! And about the not being able to afford comment. If he wanted to get out I assure you money wouldnt be one of his issues. So maybe you should look a little further into it or.... Worry more about what concerns you! JTS AND THERE OFF!!!!
  3. Sorry about the party... I had to work. Me and the twins use to have a lot of fun together BUT now that there hanging with you they seem MUCH different. I crack me up!!!!! JTS
  4. 7 building. Harrison class of 82'. I had a few purple cars and 3 siblings that I'm very proud of. I did move out a long time ago but still have family there. So after hearing about all the things people were writing about decided to chime in. One thing I cant understand is that every thing posted seems to be negative arent there any people that try and find the good side. JTS
  5. I was raised in the Gardens . It must be really tough sitting up there in your ivory tower and of COURSE being raise AT the gardens you can understand where alot of us had our childhood. So considering all that I really dont understand your condesending writing. I was raised there and yes you are correct it was called the Ghetto that in it self is'nt a bad thing in my mind! I had alot of good friends and there were and still are quite a few really good familys. Because people moved out or as you think up doesnt make them better people there still the same just a different address. So consider my thoughts on this, If you were a piece of crap in the gardens you will still be if you change your zip code, And if you are a good person the same will be carried with you no matter where you live. I'm not ashamed of where I grew up and I'm extremely proud of my family and before someone tries to remind me I know there not perfect BUT there mine and I'll stand up for them and the gardens over the last few years have gotten worse but think about all the other places like it that were all knocked down years ago so in all actuality the gardens must be pretty good. Some people will never be happy and some will always complain. If your not happy where you are get out! If you think things are being done wrong then help make them right!! Otherwise if all you plan on doing is flapping your gums and bragging about how much better then other people you are, stand at home and do it in the mirror because I personally could care less!! Also I'm still trying to figure out why no one has a name? JTS
  6. Just to clarify! I didnt write this post and the person who did should have the courage to attach their own name to it!!!! No argument about the glass house comment thats why my reply had no stones attached. JTS
  7. I have a quick question? Do you all have kid's ? Do you work? I just heard about this message board yesterday and am wondering WHEN you all find the time to sit and cut each other up! Who cares what someone is doing? Get a life, a job and start taking care of your kid's and you wouldn't have time to sit and leave messages about other people's lives.
  8. In case my name is edited from the first post I registered and re entered it Let me see if I understand this. I lived in the gardens for about 20 years and my family still does. According to the above statement I should'nt be there any more because I dont live there? So in order to visit my family I should what call and meet them in a public area!! I agree with it's becoming worse and some things need to be addressed but dont get carried away my tax money goes toward it too. One more thing how come so many opinions in this thread and no one signs a name? And who should I call if I see some one coming out of their house? Have a nice day, JTS The Brother
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