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  1. HERE ARE A FEW QUESTIONS: 1) How come the Harrison Redevelopment Agency doesn't have a web page? 2) How come there are so many secret meetings, that at times even councilman don't know about these meetings until the next day? 3) How come the Town doesn't have a web page? 4) How come the budget isn't on-line? 5) How come since 1997, were working on 9 years, we only have a Hotel from the Harrison Development Agency? And the property on which that Hotel was put on wasn't even on the original re-development area, it was made a re-development area some time in 2001 when the idea of a hotel came about. 6) How come after 9 years of having a re-development agency, not only has nothing been done, BUT MY TAXES WENT UP EVERY YEAR!!! 7) How come no one has continued Millans work (SIDD/NPP) and fixed up Harrison Ave or FER BLVD.? 8) How come the Mayor surrounds himself with people like Peter Higgins, who couldn't win an election against Doran who seems useless in town; or Tom Powell who seems to have fallen off the face of the earth after he had no more jobs to give at PVSC & can build his 2 family homes...... I DON"T KNOW HOW THIS MAYOR CAN RUN IN 2006 SOMEONE PLEASE STEP UP. STOP THE METROSTARS BEFORE IT'S TO LATE. THANK YOU
  2. Very interesting.......I recently got my hands on a copy of the "Water Redevelopment Plan". This idea to create the Harrison Re-development Agency, came from Councilman Raymond McDonoough and Councilman Peter Higgins n and about 1996. Wasn't a bad idea, people all over the State were doing it (throughout the years we saw convictions cause of it, $$+politics = Corruption{pay to play}) Anyway, if you get a copy of this plan, which is located in the construction office at the town Hall, you can see various studies & analysis: Environmental/Traffic/Market All which are dated 1998 After 7 years and planning changes; ie. Movie Studios, Malls, Huge office complexes, Stadiums......... WE NEED NEW STUDIES, {BEFORE THE METROSTARS IS FINAL} On page 35 of the Redevelopment Plan their is a PLAN OF ACTION. "Development Schedule..... 1. Waterfront walkway / Flood control project.....Ensure that the project goes to construction as soon as possible...." #1 Flood protection is mentioned, I'm sure for Safety reasons, but it doesn't generate money like a developer, so Safety comes second like Education, our kids (JFK stadium) and Seniors. What about the "Preliminary Study" created by Susan Gruel, P.P. Heyer, Gruel & Talley, PA. On August 14, 1998 this company made a report which they worked on since August 26, 1997 when 1st hired. No where on this report does it mention anything about the Mount Laurel Act, which our town Politicians, if not lawyers should have known. Mount Laurel act protects lower income families, making sure that a town creates affordable housing as well as Higher priced housing. This over look will cost the town Millions to tax payers, because the Harrison Redevelopment agency and the Mayor are not obligating the developers to build the low income housing, so the town will accept responsibility. AGAIN DEVELOPMENT AT ANY COST, INCLUDING HIGHER PROPERTY TAXES!! Lets start the discussion with this.
  3. Let's see what traffic is like when Clay street bridge closes. Imagine a 20,000 fan game.......
  4. Sad to hear Harrison no longer has the best soccer team. no pride in BLUE TIDE
  5. I tell you what, It's depressing to see that no one in Harrison can step up and go against the way this re-development is going. I can't wait for the new elections in 2006. As for now, Doug Forrester would be my vote, just to rattle the town a bit. These Democrats and democrat redevelopers need to be shaken up. They've been shaking us up. DOUG FORRESTER HAS MY ENDORSEMENT!!
  6. Here is a great address to send a complaint to: Richard.Codey@gov.state.nj.us BUT WE NEED EVERYONE TO SEND A COMPLAINT. STOP THE METROSTARS WOULD BE A GOOD COMPLAINT.
  7. Oh, he was just a founding father of the company and when it started to thrive, he sold his part to his buddys.
  8. The only way to make a difference is to contact the politicians from high to low. Congressmen, Assemblymen, I have a list on my topic. You people like to complain, but do nothing about it. Write an e-mail, call, stress your opinion. Get people involved. Go to town meetings and show your face. PLEASE, AS A HARRISON RESIDENT MYSELF, I BEG OF YOU TO TRY TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.
  9. More name calling. Really I start to think it has something to do with a type of Harrison Characteristic. Try staying off the liquor and open your eyes to the truth. These post seem to created by someone who took some time, all backed up by newspaper articles. NOT BAD! FACTS. GOOD THINGS FOR HARRISON.
  10. OK, so I might have went a little over board with the "the best place In the World." bit, but I am Proud of Harrison. Remember when it was a great place to live. I JUST WANNA MAKE A DIFFERENCE! There was no need for name calling!
  11. Seems like a few people may be picking a candidate. I'm a little impressed too. And we need a few more people to attend Town Meetings. It's the first Tuesday of every month. 6:30 pm (I think) lol. Even if you think your appearance doesn't mean much, you should attend. Listen to what goes on. Listen to how our politicians Speak or not! --YOUR APPEARANCE-- ------ IS WHAT-------- ----- THEY FEAR,------ IT WILL MOTIVATE THEM OR MAKE THEM LEAVE!! P.S. Someone had ask me what my Goal/Motivation was. Easy to do whats best for Harrison, and all Harrisonians. To do it with PRIDE! To do it So I can remain Proud, to be from Harrison, the best place In the World. God Bless America! God Bless Harrison!
  13. Let me tell you, I didn't attend the town meeting yesterday, but I heard there were only about 15 people anyway. How disappointing. Here you people come to KOTW and complain, but don't do anything about it. Are you that intimidated? I hear that the Mayor and Town Council have introduced a resolution to spend $300,000 of the towns’ budget to build the walkway and a bike route for the re-development. Sounds good. One reason why we need to get rid of this Mayor and the whole town council is because THEY ALL BELIEVE THIS $300,000 is Tax payer’s money well spent. What a JOKE! This $300,000 should be paid by the State through a Grant. The town of Harrison pays a group called the Bruno Group which would be able to find a grant to pay for this. The problem is that no one on this council knows how to go about to get the grant. I Talked to someone in that company (Bruno Group) and they said it is definitely possible, but he wasn't working with Harrison and he wasn't sure if the mayor fired his company or not. Either way he said his company wouldn't be able to do any thing unless a councilman or mayor approached his company. PEOPLE, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! AREN'T YOU GETTING TIRED OF YOUR TAXES INCREASING? P.S. Nice to see that some saved a copy of the Petition. I'll get it back on the web A.S.A.P.
  14. Those were the words from jERSEY gIRL Yes, I want to hear from Jersey Girl. If she really is 20 years old, I don't want her to think that there is nothing better to do in this town then drugs and sex. She can make a difference. In America, at the age of 20 you can vote. If, in some cases you don't think you government is clean and suffers from the evil of Corruption, you can voice your opinion to some of the people who are listed on this site. Hopefully the LORD will allow someone to read our pleads for help and help. If she is 20, then let me tell you less then 10% of 18-25 year olds vote. My Agenda is to make a difference. I don't know how, but I'll find a way. I truely believe HARRISON is a beautiful town. The Politians in this town S**K. They forgot, that they are there to serve the people, not themselves!!! Now your making assumptions/\ I had no complaints about what I'm paying, just fear what I WILL be paying. Maybe, he made a deal with the devil, doesn't mean I will. WHO'S TO SAY I'M A SIR?AND I HAVE A QUESTION FOR YOU: WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT IT!
  15. I'm wondering what the following people feel about my post an why I haven't heard from them??? Michael Hinchcliffe 2Smart4u Mr.Harrison My2Cents Oldfart56 jERSEYgIRL
  16. OK People, Through the lack of response I can only assume that this town council has embedded some fear into you. This is ridiculous. Don't you understand that they should fear us! They are elected officials. We voted them in and can vote them out. Their Duty is to represent us. Many of us do not like what’s going on, so we have to do something about it. Here is an Idea, a baby step in the right direction. Gather some people and attend the next meeting, this coming Tuesday, October 4th at the Town Hall, Time: 6:30 p.m. I'm not asking you to speak, just attend. Let’s start off slow. Let’s make a difference. We pay these guys salary; make sure their doing their job. If someone feels confident then speak up. If our Leaders aren't doing a good job then we need a new leader to step up. At least show some interest. Look around, see who you can trust and talk to. If you go to this PUBLIC meeting, they can't do anything, but realize more and more people are watching and they'll have to be more careful. Lets make a difference baby step by baby step at a time!!
  17. So I've recieved a couple e-mails, but not many, not enough to make a difference. I don't think you understand. It's easy to complain about it her on-line and accomplish nothing. Here's a chance to do something about it. If we don't bother these people with a massive number of e-mails, phone calls or hand written letters, we will accomplish nothing. Again, I repeat, go to Yahoo.com and open an e-mail. Some where in your e-mail put HCC. For example: HCCforharrison@yahoo.com, or HCCmember1@yahoo.com, HCCmember2@yahoo.com It would be nice if we gave each other numbers. Start off with 1, if it’s taken jump to 2….. Once you open an e-mail, you can send an e-mail or two. Thank You for trying to Save HARRISON with me. A list of people to e-mail: policy@votecorzine.org, (label this one corruption in Harrison & Hudson county, MAKE A DIFFERENCE) info@doug2005.com, (label this one corruption in Harrison & Hudson county Make a difference!) ethics@eces.state.nj.us, dlgs@dca.state.nj.us, Hotline@sci.state.nj.us, ethics@eces.state.nj.us, njeda@njeda.com, information@njeit.org, clmand@treas.state.nj.us, thedefenders@opd.state.nj.us dcjnews@njdcj.org Web Sites to visit: http://www.njdcj.org http://www.nj.gov/dca/contactus/contact.shtml
  18. So give up or send the e-mail. Here's a few more e-mails you can send to:policy@votecorzine.org (label this one corruption in Harrison & Hudson county, MAKE A DIFFERENCE) info@doug2005.com (label this one corruption in Harrison & Hudson county Make a difference!) ethics@eces.state.nj.us ethics@eces.state.nj.us
  19. SOME IMPORTANT INFORMATION, YOU MIGHT FIND INTERESTING TO READ. FOUND AT: New Jersey State Legislature Statues 40A:2-6. Debt limitation No bond ordinance shall be finally adopted if it appears from the supplemental debt statement required by this chapter that the percentage of net debt as stated therein pursuant to 40A:2-42 exceeds 2.00%, in the case of a county, or 3 1/2 %, in the case of a municipality. L.1960, c. 169, s. 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1962. Amended by L.1964, c. 72, s. 2. 40A:12-7. Subsequent acquisition of outstanding interests Any county or municipality having acquired any real property, capital improvement or personal property or any estate or interest therein subject to any lawful conditions, restrictions or limitations upon its use may subsequently acquire such outstanding interest. In any case in which a county or municipality seeks to acquire such interest or estate by purchase or condemnation, the amount to be paid to the owner of the reversionary or other private right or estate or expectancy shall be the value of such right, subject to the continued use of the property for the purpose or purposes for which it was acquired by the county or municipality. L.1971, c. 199, s. 7, eff. July 1, 1971. 40A:2-26 Maturities of bonds. 40A:2-26. Maturities of all bonds shall be as determined by bond ordinance or by subsequent resolution and within the following limitations: a. All bonds shall mature within the period or average period of usefulness determined in the bond ordinance. b. All bonds shall mature in annual installments, the first of which shall be payable not more than one year from the date of the bonds. No annual installment shall exceed by more than 100% the amount of the smallest prior installment. c. The first installment of bonds to finance a municipal public utility may be made payable not later than the end of the second year's operation, computed from the estimated date of completion, as fixed in the project report submitted pursuant to this chapter. d. Bonds to finance that part of the cost of a local improvement which is to be assessed on property shall mature in annual installments not exceeding in number the number of annual installments or average thereof fixed in the bond ordinance for the payment of special assessments. The first annual installment of such bonds shall be payable not more than two years from the date of the bonds, and no annual installment shall exceed the amount of the smallest prior installment. e. A governing body which has concluded that the limitations as to maturities or amounts of annual installments will adversely affect the financial position of the local unit, may make written application to the local government board setting forth its conclusion and the reasons therefor and the desired maturities or the amounts of annual installments for bonds about to be issued. If the local government board finds such conclusion to be well founded, it may, by order, fix the maturities or amounts of annual installments of such bonds as desired by the local unit, or fix any such other maturities or amounts of annual installments which the circumstances warrant. f. The governing body, by resolution, may provide for a single and combined issue of bonds not exceeding the aggregate amount of bonds authorized by two or more bond ordinances. The bonds of such issue shall mature within the average period of usefulness which shall be determined in said resolution, taking into consideration the respective amount of bonds authorized by each of the bond ordinances and the period or average period of usefulness therein determined. The provisions of this chapter applicable to the sale and issuance of a single issue of bonds shall apply to the sale and issuance of such combined issue of bonds. g. The governing body, by resolution, may allow the adjustment of, or otherwise delegate to a finance officer the authority to adjust, the maturity schedule of the bonds, up to 24 hours prior to the time advertised for the receipt of bids and within 24 hours after the award of bids; provided that no maturity schedule adjustment shall exceed 10% of the principal for any maturity with the aggregate adjustment to maturity not to exceed 10% of the principal for the overall issue. When an adjustment has been made to a maturity schedule previously approved by the local finance board, a copy of the final maturity schedule which meets or complies with the limitations in this subsection shall be filed with the board within 30 days of the sale and shall be conclusively deemed to have been approved by the board. Amended 2003, c.15, s.3.
  20. The following information are the dates an times, Harrison met with the Local Finance Board in the last 4 years (INFORMATION received from the following web page: http://www.nj.gov/dca/lgs/lfb/lfbmenu.shtml). Using this web site we may be able to set up days we can go down to these meetings to protest: LOCAL FINANCE BOARD THE YEAR 2005 Wednesday, September 14, 2005 LOCATION: Department of Community Affairs Conference Room #129 101 South Broad Street Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0803 11:30 am Hudson County Improvement Authority Hudson - NJSA 40A:5A-6 $40,000,000 Proposed Project Financing (Stadium Project) NJSA 40A:5A-6 $40,000,000 Proposed Service Contract (County Guarantee – Stadium Project) NJSA 40A:5A-6 $45,000,000 Proposed Project Financing (Parking Garage Project) NJSA 40A:5A-6 $45,000,000 Proposed Service Contract (County Guarantee – Parking Garage Project) Town of Harrison NJSA 40A:2-6(d) and NJSA 40A:12A-37(e) $40,000,000 Proposed Extension of Credit NJSA 40A:2-26(e) $40,000,000 Proposed Non-Conforming Maturity Schedule THE YEAR 2003 DATE: Wednesday, January 8, 2003 LOCATION: Department of Community Affairs Conference Room #129 101 South Broad Street Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0803 10:25 am Harrison Township Board of Education Gloucester - NJSA 18A:24-7 $2,857,000 Proposed Non-Conforming Maturity Schedule DATE: Wednesday, April 9, 2003 LOCATION: Department of Community Affairs Conference Room #129 101 South Broad Street Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0803 11:40 am Harrison Town Hudson - NJSA 40A:2-51 $4,300,000 Proposed Refunding Bond Ordinance (ERI) THE YEAR 2002 DATE: Wednesday, September 18, 2002 LOCATION: Department of Community Affairs Conference Room #129 101 South Broad Street Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0803 10:20 AM Harrison Township Board of Education Gloucester - NJSA 18A:24-61.5(1) $4,600,000 Proposed School Refunding Bonds Prove me wrong, go to the following site and look at the Minutes of their meetings your self: http://www.nj.gov/dca/lgs/lfb/lfbmenu.shtml Never an update on the progress of the Re-Development going on in Harrison, total avoidance of the request made by Board member Ms. French on Wednesday, February 10,1999 10:25a.m; page 141, lines 23 & 24 (Call and ask for a copy of the minutes 1-800-636-1136) .
  21. OK, so here’s an Idea. If you’re really upset with the re-development or the Metro Stars deal, go to Yahoo.com and open an e-mail. Some where in your e-mail put HCC. For example: HCCforharrison@yahoo.com, or HCCmember1@yahoo.com, HCCmember2@yahoo.com It would be nice if we gave each other numbers. Start off with 1, if it’s taken jump to 2….. Once you open an e-mail, you can send an e-mail or two. Go to the Department of Community Affairs web site. The following link will leave you at the Department of Community Affairs website. At this web site fill out the application and let them know how you feel. The town of Harrison is supposed to hold regular annual meetings with them and their Local Finance Board. It’s a progress report of sort, which is supposed to prove the state Finance Board, that the “COMMUNITY IS TRULY BEHIND THE RE-DEVELOPMENT AGENCY”, THAT THE TOWN HOLD”AS MANY PUBLIC HEARINGS AS YOU CAN HAVE”. These concerns were expressed by a Ms. French, who no longer seems to be a board member. http://www.nj.gov/dca/contactus/contact.shtml Then try the following email; dlgs@dca.state.nj.us (I would appreciate if you send me a copy, so we can start to keep copies of what’s going on. If I see that there is a lack of response, I may become discouraged to continue to help. You are contacting state officials. I believe we can make a difference. Encourage people to participate or we are giving up. Again, my e-mail is: HarrisonNJCommunityCoalition@yahoo.com If you prefer to hand write a letter, do the following (a hand written letter, means more and is more powerful, but also e-mail, it’s easier) Local Finance Board - Members NOTE: Mail one application to each of the following Members of the Local Finance. Regular Mail James P. Fox Port Authority of NY/NJ 225 Park Ave. South 15th Floor New York, NY 10003 Mr. Richard F. Turner 400 Park Avenue Weehawken, NJ 07087 Charlotte DeFilippo 65 King Street Hillside, NJ 07205 Scott R. MacFadden 401 Chambers Bridge Road Brick, NJ 08723 *** Honorable John H. Ewing 8118 Fellowship Rd Liberty Corner , NJ 07920 or P.O. Box 352 Bedminister, NJ 07921 ***Honorable John H. Ewing, is the only board member since 1999, when the town first met with this board. Ms. Lizette Delgado 564 S. Pitney Road Galloway, NJ 08205 Mr. Ted Light 22 Ocean Lane South Seaside Park, NJ 08752 Daniel P. Reynolds, SDAG Division of Law 25 Market Street, PO 112 Trenton, NJ 08625-0112 MAIL THE ORIGINAL APPLICATION PLUS TWOCOPIES TO: Patricia Parkin McNamara Executive Secretary Local Finance Board Dept. of Community Affairs 101 South Broad St. P.O. Box 803 Trenton, NJ 08625-0803 (609) 292-4537
  22. That’s a shame if it's True. I haven't spoken to him in a while. Though don't be surprised if you here from him again. Mr. Adler has more money then he needs. This fact would make it hard for the mayor to buy him out. Adler would have to have an incredible deal with the developer, which I know hasn't happened. Sorry. I'm here for the long run. Some will try to put me down. Especially this current Mayor and his regime, for I think he's killing Harrison and will just move on when he's done.Our Mayor works in funny ways, he's keeping enough people happy to guarantee his victory in elections, but that’s because the vast population don't vote. All I can say is I'm here. I want to try to organize something, but don't know how. We all share a hint of fear, at least I do. I think that if this Mayor were to know I was against him, he would make my life difficult some how. Have faith and trust me. E-mail me. Stay anonymous if you choose or let me know who you are. As of now I am going to remain anonymous. Sorry, but I feel it’s necessary. The beauty of America is that, if enough of us decide to make a difference we can. All we have to do is get the vote out. I won't say if I was for or against the war in IRAQ, but when it came down to their election day, I believe 90% of the people voted. They risked their lives and many died. Here in Harrison, of 7,000 +/-, only 1,200 votes, that’s fewer than 20%. I have nothing further to say tonight. God Bless
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