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  1. guest430

    HPD Vehicles

    D**bA** read what i wrote , i never said anything bad aboout the cops. I said some people would complain if there house burned to the ground b/c the hfd didnt call for enough help in time , better the have all the help u need and not use them , instead of not having the help and wishing u did call for it in the first. so i suggest u read be4 u write D**bA**. if it was such a minor fire u should of put it out yourself instead of all that help was there to save YOUR family's building. then again it would make a nice parking lot or another 3 family house
  2. guest430

    HPD Vehicles

    That's probably more days in a year then u work. If u want a volunteer fd like East Newark then move there buddy , no one is holding a gun to your head to stay in Harrison.
  3. Just wanted to say what a good job on the lights on Kearny Ave , brings a lil holiday cheer around even though the world is so messed up, but one question who's footing the electric bill ?
  4. guest430

    Joe W

    Remove the link
  5. guest430

    Joe W

    Hey Joe do us all a favor and remove yourself from the site, u sound like a little B****
  6. Maybe people should visit Joe W on the Kearny Track Alumni page, i belive they have an email address dont they ?
  7. Unless they build the stadium within 2 months the closing off the bridge shouldn't be a problem , the bridge is sheduled to be closed this weekend for only 30 days. Maybe there willl be less crime now that the bridge is closed one less escape route
  8. And thats y at lest the last 5 posts have been about people complaining about his stupid posts ? bet if u keep that up you'll have Joe W, and Oldfart be the only two people posting on here.
  9. guest430

    support kotw ?

    Y should we support the KOTW , when u allow a stupid non sense posts from people like Joe W ?
  10. guest430

    ***** Pizza

    With are the horrible things that's happening in your so called state of Florida ( Hurricanes ) y are u so worried about things that are going on up here in Jersey ?u must really miss it up here, or u have no life and friends in the home your at ,which i could see froms your posts y anyone wouldn't wanna bother with u. ps: go help the poor people that lost something or everything from the hurricanes down there if your so worried about everyone.
  11. guest430

    ***** Pizza

    Just wondering how does the guy that delivers for *** Pizza get away with delivering in a car with North Caroline plates ? that why my insurance is so dam high b/c of people like that KOTW Note: The above post was edited for content.
  12. guest430

    commerical plates

    can't anyone tell me why all the truck in harrison park overnight with commerical plates and get no ticket. residents on central ave ride around loopking for parking while all commerciql plates have parking spots. same goes for all the North Carolina plates that been poppin up all over Harrison & Kearny . One more question how do these local (chinese , pizza, bbq )establishments get away with having these people with out of state plates delivery ?
  13. Just wondering if anyone else noticed the increasing numbers of North Carolina license plates in the Kearny & Harrison area ?
  14. They sure do , but i dont see them running in burning buildings that with 100 + lbs of gear on saving what could of been your house. So god forbid your house is on fire in the hot and humid weather call the kpd . PS: sorry forgot to thank the kpd & the kvers also job well done
  15. guest430


    Ok i must say u did get me there with my spelling error , but u must really be a REDNECK if u knew what i ment by it
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