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  1. Sure I'm clueless. What about the rail cars that hold those chemicals that are left unattended ? What about the trucks that get the chemicals to those plants ? I guess the chemical plants all arm Conrail employees and truck drivers with automatic weapons. What about the gas station on the corner ? The accident in India ? Lack of goverment safety controls. This country regulates too much now. Maybe we should start telling companies how to run their business so more jobs can go overseas. Does PSEG have armed guards at the generating stations in J.C.,South Kearny ? I highly doubt it but it could all have the same deadly results. But hell I'll be clueless and desire attention while the goverment regulates our lives to the point where we have to be told what to do and when to do it. But listen to Frankie F. he'll lead you right into the fires of hell. While your at it seal off your homes with plastic and duct tape and in a short time your oxygen will be depleted and you'll be dead anyway. But hey lets harp on the chemical plants because they're the only target right now. I'm clueless but I'm a realist. I guess the chemicals are just created at these plants and dispersed magically to the consumer. If these targets are attacks I can bet it won't be at a plant. Hey Frank is it election time again ? Mayor Al would love to kick your butt again.
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