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  1. I did speak to the person about parking on the sidewalk, I also indicated that if someone falls they would sue his father. He will not listen, We like the Family to bad the son is a fool. Know you have the Facts. This goes on in Kearny often, People do not care!
  2. There is a person at **** Hoyt, That blocks the sidewalk Mon thru Fri at 6am, Leaving his car there for half an hour, When all he has to do is back up 3feet to clear the sidewalk, This is another example of stupity. The person I am refering to has the initals JM. I hope the police see this so he gets a ticket. The only reason this is not reported is his Father is Ill and not to cause the Family more heartship. Grow up JM get you car offthe sidewalk. KOTW Note: The above post was edited for content.
  3. Observer


    Parking in Kearny is a major problem, So why is the foreigners have to park on sidewalks, And make a hazard and danger to people on foot. We know what kind of people live in Kearny, They should obey the rules. The Kearny Police Chief says and I quote this is " A quality of life Crime".
  4. Observer

    Kearny DPW

    As A taxpayer and homeowner in Kearny, What is the Mayor and D'Arco doing with our Tax Dollars. Last year the town hired a Mr Jerry Kerry to run the DPW. I understand he is receving $77,000 in pay. And that not including Medical and Pension. Why is it the Town could not hire someone all ready on the payroll. At one time town positions were only given to residents. I know the law has changed on were one resides. My Kerr is from Bergen Co. I guess he felt he was not making enought money. I am sure there are many good people that could have been chosen who all ready work for the town, Th
  5. The Town is going to hell with all the scum that is moving in Kearny. Like paying HIGH TAXES for kids that do not belong in the school system. If you think these assholes are funny, You are as sick as there are.
  6. Observer


    It is called FREEDOM OF SPEECH!
  7. Observer


    Hello Mrs ******** I received information from a good source, That your son ***,( I do not know the correct spelling of his name) was stealing from the Kearny DPW, were he was employed, He stole to support a drug habit. He was caught and forced to resign? Also if he should show up at the DPW, The police are to be called. The Truth of the Matter is you son stole $2000 worth of tools, Like Chain Saws Etc, And maybe cash? How can you get him a town job with all his problems, Hope he is in a rehab, He needs help. KOTW Note: The above post was edited for content.
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