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  1. I guess one out of three is hall of fame stats in the MLB. Do people actually take this board seriously?
  2. About 40+ firefighters have been hired over the past 2-3 years to replace the guys who retired who were making higher salaries. These new firefighters start at 33K a year... it will take about 5 years to even get close to 50K... keep typing keyboard commando
  3. Multi-million... that's pretty comical. Also school budget is from a different tax revenue. The one has nothing to do with the other.
  4. It's clear this poster doesn't understand how taxes work in Kearny. Municipal taxes do not pay teacher and School taxes do not pay firefighters. The School System is a separate tax and separate budget, just as the municipal budget/municipal taxes. Also close to the majority of the FD makes well under 50K a year, and that's before anything gets taken out.
  5. Not only are the two budgets completely different. They come from two different sources of taxes. One has ZERO impact on the other. Also that being said the Mayor has ZERO control over the school board. They are two different bodies all together.
  6. You must be smoking some good stuff!!! I'm not even going to address the absurd comments. Just clear up some of the ones that actually deserve attention. 1. The Mayor and Council can not impose residency requirements. It's State Law. That's just it. Can't do anything about it. Contact a State representative regarding that. 2. You can't have 1 officer and that's it. Unfortunately my response to this would require a lot of typing and my hands will hurt after. Neither of these departments even have a Battalion Chief so your obviously making thins up as you go along. A civilian fire director wou
  7. Don't know about Harrison manpower on that day. But they did send an Engine to the scene, Jersey city sent an Engine and Ladder to the scene as well. North Arlington sent 1 Engine, 1 Ladder and Rescue to Station 3 for cover. East Newark sent 1 Engine and 1 Ladder to Station 2 for cover. This is the truth. Great stop KFD! Keep up the good work.
  8. I did google it. Nothing came up that matched in the first few pages except this forum. Please provide a reference, I would like to read.
  9. Of course volunteers would have to attend the fire academy. That's a State requirement All volunteer and career departments are required to abide by the same initial training requirements. Same academies train both Volunteer and Career and they are mixed in the classes together. East Newark and Kearny both send to Middlesex Fire Academy as of last check. Volunteer Points is already an established method by the Civil Service Commission and works in conjunction with the Veterans preference. Bloomfield and Nutley are both combination departments in the area and use this. What happens is Veteran
  10. doc13mets


    EMS runs out of that station. No need to sell. Good use. Central location to respond to Harrison/East Newark for EMS.
  11. When a department accepts a SAFER grant for hiring the are required to "MAINTAIN CURRENT STAFFING LEVELS" so if they did get it and guys retired they would have to hire on their dime otherwise they could be forced to pay the grant back as they would have violated the agreement of the the grant. Nutley's paid guys run out of HQ. There volunteer companies run out of HQ and another station. Volunteers only respond when the pagers go off. Works pretty well for Nutley. If the 3 towns got together I could see a combo department as a viable solution. My thought would be: West Hudson Fire Departm
  12. doc13mets


    Never said they were called to those. Those happened after the FDR fire. I said Kearny was called to those. Can't you read? In 2012 I would bet East Newark responded to about 100 calls in Harrison. Request the records from East Newark. It is public info. Obviously don't request the Harrison records because who knows where the Mayor got those numbers from in the article. I believe he said Harrison only requested M/A 14 times?!?!?! If there is a real concern about the EN fireman certificates someone should contact the Mayor or the State, not Kearny on the Web.
  13. I'm not really sure what this all means. Is the part that was censored actual names or curses? If these are serious concerns someone has then they should approach the Mayor of East Newark with them or contact the Division of Fire Safety. Or are these just ramblings someone wishes to post on a website. Personal attacks are never fair without proper evidence. If someone isn't certified to be in a certain position the issue should be brought up to the proper authorities and not just posted on a site. It was upsetting to see East Newark lose some valuable members. But they still have many dedica
  14. Could be get a reference source for this? I could creativly write something... 1. Where a municipality pursues a private function, its liability is coextensive with that of a private person similarly engaged. 2. If the function is governmental, a municipality is liable, if negligence is proven by a jury, in the performance of such duty, and the same rule applies where the default is on the part of its employees. 3. A municipality is at fault on Tuesdays and Thursdays if negligence is present. The county is at fault on Monday, Wednesday and Friday if negligence is present. The
  15. doc13mets


    Those numbers are not true. I would make a bet East Newark alone responded to Harrison about 100 times in 2012. Request the reports, it's public record. I'm pretty sure the Mutual Aid request numbers for 2013 are even higher. Where they are getting there data from is obviously incorrect. I can recall off the top of my head 5 times starting with the FDR fire that Kearny provided Mutual aid. The FDR fire, the following Wednesday night Harrison Requested Kearny's ladder respond to a "smoking outlet". The bakery fire, the Folders fire and the fatal fire. And thats just the past month or so. I won
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