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  1. I agree, East Newark is a small town and the Board of Ed. already sending there high school kids to Harrison High plus Harrison Zip Code: 07029 is being used so why can't they just merge already? Plus, East Newark is using Kearny Board of Health for all they health needs lolz. That's a shame.
  2. As a webmaster myself, I think Town of Kearny should have there own forums site so they really know what going on in there local town, but also post up some negative side of Kearny also cause to much positive can get alot of people thinking its a none-honest town and just trying to lie alot. I really think that when the forums get approved "hopefully" it might get support from KOTW cause they really know what they doing alot on here and trying to keep it safe and clean. Also, we have the rights to speak our minds.
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