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  1. the reason for the season JESUS CHRIST. MERRY CHRISTMAS!
  2. its easy to blow off about real "BLESSINGS FROM GOD" but after going through some hard times when only asking god to help and seeing his hand work i will never see why any of you bothering to wake up in the morning!! why? you have nothing to live for do you? what is life? what is spirit? next time you get in trouble DO NOT SAY GOD HELP ME! do not wast his time when you turn your back on him!thank god I'm in the south where real true god loving folk are!
  3. oldfart56

    Holiday Volunteers?

    1st good bless you! check with the S/A THEY NEED HELP
  4. watch this youtube.com/watch?v=gh7ilqR9zEY
  5. i sent him my ph# and a note saying what i wanted still no word!
  6. 1st how do i get in tuch with this guy? but I WILL TALK WITH HIM!!!and un like you and your son i will tell the truth!!!!!
  7. oldfart56

    kearny a victim

    kearny you are just part of 1BIG SCAM! your best buddy paul p is just 1 small part of a huge scam by the american athists.inc ! they also are trying to put the screws to a small town in north FLA' 'STARK FLA HAD TO TAKE A CROSS THAT HAS BEEN ATOP A WATER TOWER FOR MANY YEARS OFF! A BOO BOO FOOL BY THE NAME OF LON BEVILL STARTED THE SAME KIND OF CRAP AS PAUL! this is "going on all over" paul is wanting to make points with this [org] the story is getting larger! oh yes this story is printed in the bradford telegraph.com news paper in stark fla and yes you can read it on line
  8. dave you know the bible very well too well was you a priest? or pastor? what made you turn? whats your back story? you have lots to say here and we want to see why you feel the way you do! comeon mate! tell us
  9. i love a great plan and god has the best! AND ITS WORKING ! thanks to people like you !! "this plan is great" do you want to know more ?something good is at hand and soon to be in yours!!!
  10. um old fart 56 is a real thing ! its a 56ford truck and i can ride it"how about you? um never mind!!! sorry!
  11. well at least you read it! and you know what i mean! so go to church!!
  12. DANG OLD KEY BOARD! it missed the v sorry!
  13. [[[[REVIAL ]]]] LENT IT GOES TOGETHER! want your life better? you will do it in church! find the real truth only in 1 place ask your pastors! you don't have a home church? kearny has great churchs!!
  14. oldfart56


    lent is the best time ! REVIVAL is what lent is all about! jesus had revival after the cross! its the sprit alive! but do not take my word go ask your pastors!! get the truth!
  15. oldfart56


    young people do you want to know the truth? the real truth about what David said in class? is god real? you will find the truth in "YOUR OWN CHURCH" IF YOU DO NOT HAVE 1 THEN GO TO BIBLE STUDY AT DAVIDS CHURCH! ask your pastors to talk about this topic! you will hear very littel truth here on line! ask the 1s that realy know the answers! KEARNY A [[[[[REVIAL IS COMMING YOUR WAY]]]]] WOULD YOU ASK A SHOE MAKER HOW TO FIX YOUR CAR??
  16. oldfart56


    yes yes its got a name its wonderfull its great its called [[[[[[R,E,V,I,V,A,L]]]]]] PASTORS GET READY CLEARGY ITS YOUR TURN! RABBIS CALL THEM TO TEMPLE" ITS COMMING YOUR WAY!
  17. oldfart56


    do you hear it?its like a sweet sound ' the sound of a summer breeze in the trees! its a sound of happy voices singing praise!!! do you hear it?????
  18. oldfart56


    sound sound [[[[[[[[sound]]]]]]]] do you hear it?
  20. ok here is <{1}> good reason! 'WE PAY THE TAXES NOT YOU"
  21. keith who are you to talk for christian walkers/followers! you live in a state with the head quarters of the A/G THE PENT CHIRCH OF GOD AND WELL LETS SAY SOME OTHERS! with all that going on in your HOME STATE why are you posting here? is it that dead there? i hope you wake up and see just how wrong you are ! oh yah you would never find a place to post in your home state they would not put up with your crap !!!! your state has way to many christians to let you get away with your lies! kearny is "my" home not yours so go backoff in your own jackyard!!!
  22. you what? david tells the truth and yourself and the other "anti christ followers" try to rip him down! now we see just how stupid you fools are! i think you need to go back to school and take USA HISTORY all over! oh this time read the book!!
  23. ok here it is {NO} JUST SURE OF WHAT I KNOW! {2} YES!ITS A FACT THAT IF YOU EAT AND LIVE LIKE THE BIBLE SAYS YOU WILL LIVE LONGER! {3}NO PEOPLE CAN'T HELP THE AIR THEY BREATH OR THE STUFF IN THE FOOD ! but if you are careful and take care of your self/DON'T SMOKE! or do the things we know is at fault we have a better chance!!! and for the last part well yah im with ya on that!!!
  24. pAUL 2 months ago i lost 1 of my best friends who posted on this site as hey vern/harley guy. he had a very bad hart from smoking!we would talk as kids about things and he "always had the "smarts" right thing to say! but not ANYTHING ABOUT GOD! then just before he passed" we had a long phone call " the topic was death and GOD! he was like you then "he got smart" he knew his time was soon to come and wanted to know if JESUS/GOD was real!! we went to the bible and then we prayed yah prayed at that time he could see that it was a real thing! thank GOD he did! IF HE WOULD HAVE DONE THIS LONG AGO HE MITE STILL BE HERE! just living the right way the things the bible will teach you does help" GOD has 2 times of your life he controlls the dates on your head stone! that dash in the middle of the numbers! "thats yours to work with" thats it so are you going to waite for your last chance? are you that lucky? areyah??
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