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  1. Chemicals can be a very serious threat. DOT is implementing more and more regulations on the transportation of hazardous materials. Transporters will have to have background checks and fingerprinted in the very near future. Companies moving the materials will have to have written plans on file. Who says these plants can't or won't be targets? Sorry dude, but in this day and age we need to look at everything and be more vigilant in protecting our communities...
  2. JDofLV

    No Contract For 3 Years

    Anyone know how many more would be needed? Any rough estimates on the math?
  3. May be interesting to watch. It's definetly something everyone should be concerned about - but, some won't be because of the old saying "out of sight, out of mind". Has there been much discussion about this topic in town?
  4. SOoooo, what happended last night?
  5. JDofLV

    No Contract For 3 Years

    A tax credit for living in town wouldn't be totally unheard of. I'm retired military living in Las Vegas, I get a tax credit each year that I can either apply to my property or vehicle taxes...
  6. JDofLV

    No Contract For 3 Years

    What was that all about? It appeared to me that Joe H was just trying to stimulate some discussion to get to the root of things, didn't seem like he was taking any sides at all....
  7. JDofLV

    No Contract For 3 Years

    So, is this the only issue, working 24hr shifts? That's all that seems to have been posted. How about pension and benefits?
  8. JDofLV

    No Contract For 3 Years

    I've read in the past that there has been no contract - exactly what are the differences that are preventing a signed and binding contract? Please, just known facts.
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