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    IM FOR:<br />America, American Citizens, An english only country, The truth, Freedom, Civil Rights, Abortion, Gun Rights, Legalized marijuana, Disciplining Children, Price capping medicines, Environment, Higher high-class taxes, Lowering middle-class taxes, highering minimum-wages, IRS protecting workers from companies, Death penalty, Science, Stem Cell research, Animal Protection, Alternative Fuel Source (H20, Electic, Solar), Gay Marrage (they can be miserable just like everyone else)<br /><br /><br />IM AGAINST:<br />all Poverty, Healthcare, Disability, Social Security, Foodstamp claims without a more thorough process, High taxes for Low-Mid class, Corrupt Government, War in Iraq, Illegal Immagrants, FCC, National Healthcare, Foriegn Aid, Religion in the government, Racism, Bi-lingal country, Oil/Gas, Librals, Democrats, "Politically Correct"
  1. TheSoothSayer

    S**K it

    LOL this statement says everything we need to know about your ignorance... freedom of speech is a right to every american citizen to express themselves freely CORRECT but you can't break the law and commit acts of slander, conspiracies and such and what did you want to POST? most likely slander & dirt... you ever watch 'a bronx tale' theres nothing worse then a rat... --- not only that the person or company who owns the site / message board... can do whatever the hell they want... with the message board.... be happy you don't need a phone number verification or a legit e-mail to just
  2. its not that big of a deal, they do it all the time for Sports in Harrison...
  3. +1 they do it all the time.. for Pee-Wee, Juniors & Seniors football, HS Sports its not a big deal...
  4. who gives a f**k; i know how to cross the street
  5. if im not mistaking theres more then 2 bars left... theres Central Lounge, The Green Room, Tony Endzones, The Manor, Irish place between 3rd/church square, one on first street, right by la pizza some mexican joint.
  6. its spelled moron; if your going to call me one.. atleast spell it right scumbag 1. hamburgers, lol from where.. Burger King? Wendys? right... LoL yeah i want to eat that grade D meat everyday so i can support the towns business... by the time im 60.. my colon is hanging out of my asshole into my diaper... riiiiiite 2. i think beers with lunch is wonderful... on duty? do you think these guys are 3 beer queers? like there going to just start shooting random people and crashing into other cars cause of 3 even 4 beers.. LoL right... that shit usually only happens cause someone had 10 shots of t
  7. wellllllllll i would have to say mix up, cause they wouldn't put steve mccormick there for shits and giggles
  8. patronizing out of town businesses.. you want to know why? cause rice and beans s**k and... secondly whats wrong with some beers with lunch? if it was breakfast, then there is a problem.
  9. what would you want him to say? nobody wants to be here? no one is going to show up to the games? nobody has even thought about season tickets? i mean he is saying, what he is saying, choosing his words wisely and being positive
  10. heyy and they said a janitor is not a good job... for 81K a year .. and if your not educated or skillful.. thats a pretty solid career choice... you make more then most teachers, cops & fireman!
  11. TheSoothSayer


    lol so im racist cause i said what type of people own la pizza? lol.. okay soo white people own quick check.. thats racist too? i was in there, that dude was definitly speaking some type of middle eastern... and when did i say they weren't nice? quote me on where i said they were assholes/mean they named it 'LA pizza' based on the majority of the population in this town AND as a marketing tactic.. cause soo many hispanics might choose la pizza over say ninos cause they think its hispanic.. i shut you and your idiot comment down........ next
  12. lets get something right... coaching pop warner.. is volenteer... these people reguardless of skill and knowldege of the game still put out their time to do something for the community.. i wish i was able to do that to be honest, but i cant do it in life right now.. too busy for it..... so just lay off them... if you think your clued in.. why dont you stop gabbing bout the awful coaching.. and coach a team yourself
  13. thats what this town is about... curruption, negativity and shit talking
  14. TheSoothSayer


    haha exactly... watch out wild one.. you going to get attacked like i do for asking a simple question
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