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  1. wild one

    Harrison Gangs

    First of all this officer was not knocked out. the first time he got hurt he was attacked by 2 locals from behind outside of a bar. after the attack he ran into east newark where the one coward was hiding. Second he arrested someone for DWI and that guy decided to fight. the officer broke his hand while doing so. PapER CUTS????? i believe he had a couple stitches in his gun hand. Id have this officer back me up any day !!!!!!!
  2. dont let that fool you, the people in upper managment choose not to put things in. stop a cop on the street and ask him.
  3. if thats what you really think you are just a jack ass. try doing what we do, than shoot your mouth off. but until then shut the f**k up
  4. they replaced the traaffic officer with a regular patrolman. just another man short because thay did not replace him on his tour
  5. wild one

    Wake Up People

    its common knowledge that we pay our own bills. Not one patrolman/detective get a phone from the dept. who gives u this information? let me know
  6. wild one

    Wake Up People

    first of all, im not a lying cop. second...where do you get your info? everyone i work with pays their own bills for the phone. you sound like a bitter piece of shit that needs to get a life
  7. wild one

    Wake Up People

    i know i pay for my own cell phone, so where did you recieved your info about police with town paid phones.
  8. wild one

    Wake Up People

    i really dont think you have a clue. Just because a cop is on his phone does not mean he is not doing his job
  9. wild one

    Wake Up People

    do you guys have any clue to what cops do on a daily basis? do you see what they see everyday? give it a rest
  10. what shift does this guy work?
  11. cry baby cops?????? next time u need help call a different agency in town
  12. wild one

    Fire on Sussex St.

    who are you to say that just because some of us are not from harrison we dont care about the people who live here??
  13. wild one

    NA Cops

    try doing what we do everyday................try dealing with some of the victims we talk to.....................try seeing what we see................ all everyone wants to do is complain about cops. grow up and obey the MV laws.
  14. wild one

    Fire on Sussex St.

    are we not supposed to arrest someone because thay are a Harrison resident? if yuo commit the crime, i dont care where you live!
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