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  1. provis

    Board of Education

    It's more than the cash cow at stake here. It's the kids of Harrison. Their future. Hopefully sunlight is the best disinfectant.
  2. The Harrison Board of Education wants the citizens of Harrison to be ignorant of the facts. That's why we never vote for the budget or board members. That is why they don't care if no parents show up at the PTO meetings. The less the people know the better, and they get away with it.
  3. provis

    High School

    I hear the high school is in poor shape. My daughter tells me that the behavior of the kids is horrible. Lunch time is like a zoo. Kids running wild, hollering, screaming, hitting each other. She says that it seems like nobody cares. Teachers, administrator doing nothing. There are kids in that building that shouldn't even be there. We will be moving out of Harrison. I want what is best for my daughter.
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