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  1. i wish you double what you wish me!!!!! why would you wish a decent law abiding citizen a worst life??? you should learn to get along with your neighbors and respect that they have to get up to go to work allso , just because you are up dosent mean every one else on the block should be up,key word maturity it goes a long way ,,best of luck to you in the new year,
  2. block watcher

    Numbers please

    try harrison 155.79000 they are pretty busy
  3. block watcher

    Numbers please

    kpd is encripted you can not listen to them an more.
  4. ho,ho,ho,merry christmass to all no matter what race,color or creed. you didnt think this was going to be easy??????????? or did you.
  5. block watcher

    Numbers please

    you just wasted your money, i have nothing against the kpd but i wish they hadent gone and encripteds there scanner system,they could have had a special frenquency for special operations but they didnt ,may be there is something i dont understand possably for there safety ???as citizens we have no way of knowing what to look out for or what parts of town are hot.hope they unencript soon.
  6. block watcher

    New Plus

    i agreelet it be known all are welcome in this country just do it like old school immigrants did and do it legallyl
  7. block watcher

    New Plus

    seems you are smart enough to know that much about the simullarety of the language why not try to get to know the people???? yea, the can be snippy at times but they will normally give you the shirt off there backs,they keep your property values up ,maintain there property,and oh yes use there hose to wash off there side walks... if you go to other small town you will find that if you are in a polish area there will be polish papers,indian area indian papers, jewish area jewish papers,kearny was at one time scotish,irish,polish, these people are moving to other areas leaving it open to new and exciting changes..when in rome do as the romans p.s when it comes to food i can learn to speak the lingo quickly,,,,,,,,,,
  8. kearny police dept dose indeed do a great job ,i here said if something is not broke you should not fix it. if taxes have to be raised to support a high caliber of police officers you wont hear me complain. as the chief said there is little respect shown to police officers or in that case any authority figure,one word of caution" beware what you let citizens get away with ",many people push to try to see how far thay can go ,double parking seems minor were will it go from there,parking in the prohibited,running red lights,stop signs,hit and run?? see it only gets worse if you dont stop it in the beging,dowie get tougher ,remember only the strong survive.
  9. illegal means that you are doing some thing wrong you cant justify that weather you work hard ,own a home,or have children why dont you try following the rules like all other imigrants had to????what do you think you are special ????there is no rational argument for illegal ,period.....................,
  10. your point is well taken how ever it is up to us sane people to baby sit the less sane who dont have the skills to drive cautiously and responsably watch out for the other guy
  11. my block i was awoke @5;am as people left a party making noise and being very rude .7:30 am some one was blowing there car horn to get some one out side.what happened on your block????
  12. you are right it should have been a simple comment to honor all our vets,if it helps i work with a few viet nam vets and some desert storm vets i think you think like i think l called them and simply said thanks ,they were so greatful for my thinking of them and there service to us all even those who want to deniy there importance. if you dont believe in something you will fall for anything
  13. after reading what you wrote i cant imagin you dont know how close you are to kearny and harrisoni all these small towns are in the same boat. we really need one another now more than ever ,start helping now.. dont waite till its to late get involved...
  14. in case you have n0t noticed we are all in the same boat we need to band together not point fingers it dose n0t matter what town you live in it is very important that we all watch out for each other if you have a good neighbor watch out for them as you expect them to look out for you.maybe thats what you meant to say dont be scared report bad actions to the proper agency.
  15. block watcher

    NA Cops

    say what you want nort arlington cops keep there reins tight when you are a kid or an imature young adult you need supervision so you dont hurt yourself or worse yet another inocent person keep the radio volume down no one wants to here what you are listening to,,,,,keep your inspection sticker current ,,,,keep your hoody off your head when you are driving so you can see were you are going,,,for gods sake pull up your pants,,,tie your boot laces,stay off the cell phon when you are driving and speak softly when you are having a conversation in public,,,,if i missed any thing that might be ofensive to any one else pleas add to my basic list,,,north arlington cop its a tough job thank god you guys are up to doing the job....
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