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  1. Good evening dolls! Yes, the rumors are true! After a very long hiatus, I've decided to join you all again on this great KOTW forum. JUST IN TIME FOR ELECTION YEAR '09! I'm looking forward to being an active member of the boards again and electing Lisa Pezzolla for mayor this year. P.S. - This is HER year - the Kearny Observer is better than ever!
  2. Friday, June 15, 2007 Kearny High teacher suspended after sex allegations A Kearny High School teacher has been suspended and cops notified following allegations she had "inappropriate sexual activity'' with a boy who attends the school, officials told The Jersey Journal today. English teacher Celeste Adamski was suspended with pay Wednesday after school officials received an allegation that was later confirmed by the student involved, Superintendent of Schools Bob Mooney said. “If found to be true, it as a legal matter and a termination matter,” Mooney said. “It is always inappropriate for a teacher to have a (sexual) relationship with a student. A teacher is in an advisory position and there should be no such involvement.” Mooney said one student approached Kearny High Principal Al Somma on Wednesday morning telling him of the alleged inappropriate sexual activity. School officials then called in the student alleged to have engaged in the activity with Adamski and he confirmed the allegation, Mooney said. Adamski -- whose husband, John, is also a teacher at the school -- was then called before school officials with a representative of the teachers union, and suspended pending the outcome of the investigation, Mooney said. “We notified the police department immediately and told them what we were investigation and got advice from the police and have been in contact with them since then,” Mooney said. Kearny police told the Journal that the investigation was still very preliminary stage and there was nothing to report. Mooney said the school officials spoke to four boys about the allegations and described them as being 17 and 18 years old and a mix of students Adamski had and hadn’t taught in her classes. He would give no additional details regarding the student among the four who was at the center of the allegations. According to the school Web site, Adamski teaches Early British Literature and Early English Literature. She’s worked for the school district for just over three years and makes about $36,000. Kearny High School made national headlines this year after a student secretly taped a history teacher proselytizing in the classroom and saying, among other things, that anyone who didn't believe in Jesus was destined for damnation. The school has told the teacher such statements are inappropriate and made a policy forbidding students from making sureptitious recordings. Adamski's husband continues to do his job, officials said. Nearly 1,800 students attend Kearny High, where summer break begins next week, Mooney said. Look for more information in tomorrow's Jersey Journal. Michaelangelo Conte
  3. The KEARNY OBSERVER SCANDAL Continues!!! Check Out Today's Page 2 Of The Jersey Journal: http://www.nj.com/news/jjournal/index.ssf?/base/news-0/1113988256156450.xml
  4. The KEARNY OBSERVER SCANDAL Continues!!! Check Out Today's Page 2 Of The Jersey Journal: http://www.nj.com/news/jjournal/index.ssf?/base/news-0/1113988256156450.xml
  5. I just read the NY Daily News post about the Kearny Observer, and I think it's disgraceful, and awful how their publisher has been plagerizing her weekly column for the past 2 years! Not to mention, with the all the help she "stole" from various sources, you'd think she would have been intelligent enough put all of the information into a masterpiece, and not the trash she normally writes about. What an embarrasment she is to Kearny!
  6. You're 100% right - Kearny people do rock! I just read the NY Daily News post about the Kearny Observer, and I think it's disgraceful, and awful how their publisher has been plagerizing her weekly column for the past 2 years! Not to mention, with the all the help she "stole" from various sources, you'd think she would have been intelligent enough put all of the information into a masterpiece, and not the trash she normally writes about.
  7. Did anyone have the opportunity to read this week's Observer yet? The content was poor, and by all indications, it wasn't proofread prior to being printed. My question is, who the hell is Monica Curry, Walter Elliot, and Michael McDonnell? An even better question is where is the editor, Tony Attrino, this week? Even the website edition of the Observer is similarly subpar. There are a few dead links, etc.. As you all know, I am a loyal fan of this newspaper, but if these sudden changes aren't soon rectified, I believe that this paper will be history. I know that employees are entitled to take their vacation, sick, and personal time, but there should be temporary replacements put in place that will provide the same quality reporting, and not the trash that was scrambled together this week. Lisa, you've really let me down. Your "Booster Seat" column can't be described in any other word aside from AWFUL. Hopefully next week we won't all have to face the same debauchery of the english language published all over your paper. http://www.theobserver.com/currentissue/opinion.shtml Booster Seats Signs of a break in the weather showed this passed weekend, and in the coming weeks ahead family's will pile into the car and begin traveling to their summer vacation getaways in the mountains or to the Jersey shore. Think twice before the kids and a few friends snuggle in for the journey. New Jersey was the only state that has enacted a law requiring proper restraints for kids, children under age eight or weighing less than 80 pounds are required to be in a booster seat, in the rear of the vehicle. Passengers over age eight under 18 and parents as well are required to be in a seat belt anywhere in the vehicle. This pass weekend New York state will be enforcing the law. What they’re going to do is that they will be adding a $100 fine and three points will be issued to their license. Each state is different so in your travels find out the law in that state. Motor vehicle crashes are the number one cause of death of children over the age of six months in the United States. The proper use of child car seats is one of the simplest and most effective methods available for protecting the lives of our young children in the event of a motor vehicle crash. What's the difference between a car seat and a booster seat? The harnesses in car seats are built in, and it's designed for a younger child. A booster seat relies on the seat belt system of the car, and is designed for an older child, under the law, it allows police to ticket drivers for each child not using such seats. National statistics reveal that approximately 90% of all child passenger safety seats are installed improperly and could increase the chances that a child could suffer death or serious injury in the event of a motor vehicle crash. So an interesting thought just went through my head as I write about this subject. When your standing waiting for your child's school bus to pick him/or her up for school or to take a school trip do you wonder if buses have seat belts? When I'm traveling the Garden State Parkway buses are speeding pass with happy little faces making silly signs or yelling out the window. My answer is I don't think they have a seat belt on. Why?
  8. Yes Mark, For Their Sake, I Hope That All Of The Current Students At HHS Understand That They Too Have A Chance. In Fact, I Hope That They Understand That They Have An Even Better Chance Than You. As You Mentioned In Your Post, Some Of The Teachers At HHS Were "Bad (Real Bad)", And From The Looks Of It, Your Former English, And Grammar Teachers In Particular, Need To Be Crucified. They've Failed To Teach You Proper Sentence Structure, And The Use Of Commas. Not To Mention How To Properly Use A Thesaurus So Not To Use Words Like "Bad", And "Better" When Desperately Trying To Sound "Edjewmikated Yo!" I Believe That It Will Soon Be That Time Of Year Again When Kearny High School Opens Their Doors To All Currently Successful, Former HHS Students, In Their "Evening/Night School Program". God Bless, And All Of The Best For The Future.
  9. <c> Happy New Year Everyone!!! I'd Like To Start Off With A Heart Felt Apology. I Know How That I Have Been Off To A Slow Start This Year Expressing My Support, But Let's All Not Forget To Continue To Fight The "Good" Fight Into 2005!!! Lisa Pezzolla In 2008!!! Yeeee-Hawwwww... P.S. - Jim Hague, In The Dec. 29, 2004 Issue Of The Observer Sports View, You Stated The Following: "To publisher Lisa Tortoreti Pezzolla: More hits on the website that are calling for Kearny’s resident beauty to become the new mayor. Let’s be honest. Lisa’s a lot better looking than the current mayor." Although I'm Sure Your Commentary Was A Cheap Ploy To Get You In "Good" With Your Boss, Your Shameless Plug Of KOTW, As Well As "ELECTLISAPEZZOLAFORMAYOR" Are Truly Appreciated. You're Right, Overall, Unlike Mayor Santos, Lisa Is Good Looking. She Reminds Me Of A Cross Between Kim Catrell, The "Mannequin" And "Sex And The City" Years.
  10. The Fact Remains That This Site s**ks... There Aren't Any Replies ANYWHERE On The Board... It's Dead! We're The Only Two Posting...
  11. In The Observer This Week, One Of Their Articles Was Titled: "Having A Bad Day? Meet Mr. McCabe." After Having Read The Story, I'm Still Having A Bad Day, But Since I Already Have His Home Address, Is Anyone Interested In Also Providing Me With Mr. McCabe's Home Telephone Number? I'd Like To See If He's Available To Come Out For Drinks With Me Tomorrow Night. I've Always Loved Those "Bad Boys". I Wish I Had Been There For The Arrest. It Seems As Though It Was An Exciting Scene Right Out Of "COPS". P.S. - KPD: Tisk, Tisk, You Should Be Ashamed Of Yourselves...10 Cops To One Man!?!?! Haven't You All Heard Of Rodney King?
  12. NO! I'm Here To Stay...Whether You Like It Or Not! I'm Just What This Board Always Needed... To Whomever Is Posting Negative Comments About THIS Lisa Supporter: Although It's Become Quite Clear To Me Over The Past Two Days, That I Am Addressing A "Geek Audience", Over The Web, I Still Don't Quite See Where The Problem Lies. I Understand Your Concern, I Really Do. I Know That Geeks Get Defensive About Anything That Targets Young, Middle-Class, White Males Working (Or Yearning To Work) With Technology. Of Course, Geeks Tend To Take Things Further Than That, And You Can In Fact Attest To That. I Expect People Like You To Get Extremely Angry About Anything That Fails To Further The Interests Of What You Determine To Be Socially Acceptable. Regardless Of Your Reasons For Visiting This Board, Let's Face It, Web-Surfing Is Still A Terribly Solitary Activity. So, On That Note, Please Go Devise Your Plan On How To Breakup Microsoft. In Closing, You're Obviously A Sad, Humorless Geek, Who Simply Doesn't Appreciate Satire. Due To The Fact That Precious Few Of Your "Type" Have Girlfriends, Wives, Or Children, I Suggest That You Invest Your Otherwise Wasted Time, Learning The Wonderful Art Of Sarcasm... In Case You Don't Have Access To A Dictionary: Sarcasm - sar·casm (särkzm): Remarks That Mean The Opposite Of What They Seem To Say, And Are Intended To Mock Or Deride. "It Is Not Necesssary To Understand Things In Order To Argue About Them." -- Caron de Beaumarchais
  13. Hi JoeW, I saw a post that you had written back in November of 2003, regarding this forum's ownership. In case you aren't already aware, this board is owned by **** ***** ****** ** ********. Yes, the very same **** ***** ****** which is an **** ***** ** **** *****, yet kisses Mr. Leadbeader's @$$ every opportunity he is given. As a matter of fact, so much so, that he has deleted numerous of my posts and replies, before they are even posted on the site, simply because they mention Leadbeader's name in them. This site bites! KOTW Note: The above post was edited for content.
  14. To: KOTW The comment above is an outright lie! You've deleted/rejected numerous of my posts for no other reason, other than the simple fact that Mr. Leadbeater was casually mentioned in them. Although I am aware that you both have an "unholy" alliance, I do believe that you should put your bias allegiances aside, and post any topics and replies which do not contain profanity.
  15. This board needs a little "spice"...SO...negative ghostrider... LOL...
  16. I'm sure that SOME of you may be wondering why I haven't been posting lately. Well, aside from trying to boycott this bias site, I have also been extremely busy. Anyway, is it just me, or is Hilary Duff starting to get a little chunky? I really hope that this topic will be addressed in next week's Observer "Word With The Publisher" section. Did you all see her tacky polka dot dress in PEOPLE last week!?!?!
  17. The town really needs to pay these guys in order to retain them. I don't know about you all, but I don't think that Kearny can risk losing anymore eligible bachelors.
  18. Why isn't anyone else backing Lisa for mayor?
  19. Well, "Guest", this isn't Lisa, but in my opinion, I'm just as good looking as she is...and it didn't cost me $25,000. In any case, I'd be happy to back you for Mayor.
  20. I Posted A Very Important Letter To Mr. Leadbeater Which Was Deleted, Before It Ever Even Made Its Way Onto The Board. The Frustrating Aspect In All Of This Is That In NO WAY Was It Inappropriate! At No Time Did I Use Foul Language, Or Demean Mr. Leadbeater. It Was Simply Addressing The Fact That The Man Does Not Properly Discipline His Dog. KOTW, There Is No Need To Become A Board Nazi Whenever Someone Uses Your Forum As A Means Of Addressing A Problem, And Provides A Satifactory Solution. It's A Shame That Even On A Local Forum The "Michael Powell" Wannabes Of The World Feel The Need To Restrict Free Speech.
  21. Although Tax Increases Are Unfortunate, The Reality Is That They Are Happening Everywhere. I Strongly Believe That Regardless If We Had A Democratic Or A Republican Mayor, The Tax Increases Would Still Be Inevitable. Over The Years, We Have Had An Immigration Boom. This Is Not Just A Coincidence Of Costs. Who Exactly Do You Think Provides Medical Benefits To These Individals When They Are In Need Of Medical Attention? When Speaking About Such Issues, We Should Also Consider The Economic And Social Aspects Of Immigration, Not Only The Alleged Mismanagment Of The Town Budget And Funds By Mayor Santos.
  22. Yes, Guilty As Charged! Like Most Of You, I Too Am Overly Preoccupied With The Observer. How Else Would I Know When All Of The Wonderful Sidewalk Sales Are Taking Place Around Town? I Also Believe They Have The BEST Advertising. I Really Enjoy Using The Weekly Coupons From "Bensi". Another Reason That I Am A Devout Reader Of The Observer Is Because Of Their "Neighboorhood Watch" Section. It's Really Important For Me To Know Who Was Arrested For High Profile Crimes, Such As Breaking Into My Neighbor's Garage, And Stealing Their Children's Bicycles. It's Always Such An Overwhelming Feeling Of Dismay When I Recognize The Guilty Individual's Name From My KHS Graduating Class. The Individal's Responsible For Commiting These Crimes Must Be Brought To Justice, And I Can't Think Of Think Of A Better Way. Thank You Kearny Observer!
  23. This Is A Great Article... http://www.edmecka.com/Russo4.html I Loved The Part Where His Lawyer Claims That He Was Motivated By "Poverty", And That His Role In Public Service, Particularly His $7,500 A Year Mayor's Salary, Led To His Financial Demise. Truly Classic, And Desperate Defense.
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