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  1. She really does use that column of hers as her own personal "Ramblings of a *** woman" forum these days. Excuse me if that seems harsh, but it seems as though she is semi-incoherent now --- week after week. This is a perfect example of a conversation that I would have with my 6 year old. I think it's almost irrational.
  2. Does Lisa ever have anything positive to contribute to The Obserber anymore? It seems as though every week it's just petty nonsense or unprovoked bashing. This week her apparent aim of attack is "leaf busters", who are in her opinion putting off their "real to-do list" chores. Is raking/blowing leaves important? YES. Do we really need to be reminded of the dangers of slippery leaves by our hometown paper? NO. It's fall for christ's sake, there ARE already leaves blowing right out in the street. They'd hit your windshield regardless of the "leafbusters". Maybe we'll need to get a "windbuster" on the scene. "Leaf Obsession By Lisa Pezzolla The pleasure of our four seasons is the beauty of living on the east coast and October brings us the beautiful fall foliage. Even though I’m finding myself still waiting for the summer weather, and if I recall my eyes saw the beach once. The fall is a beautiful time to take rides to enjoy the beauty of the amazing colors, or take a brisk walk to the park. This time of the year once again is a happy time for the leaf busters; they pull out contraptions to attack the leaves. These leaf blowers are wrapped around their waist and they walk all over chasing the leaves and not winning. I guess it gives them time away from the real To-Do list that awaits them. They stand facing the street and blow the leaves right out to the street. What amazes me is the fact that this is allowed. Each year, the equipment gets more sophisticated and more powerful, and I still cringe when driving pass them, just waiting for a rock to come crashing through my window and knock me out. It is very dangerous and distracting when you are driving as leaves are blowing in front of your windshield. So once again beware of flying leaves, and when it rains be careful they become dangerously slippery."
  3. Thank you for proving how mildly educated you really are. By "The South" I was referring to how the mentality of his disciples (nationwide) is based around the understanding and premise of the political issues of the south --- RACE AND RELIGION. Imagine mixing Hitler with a KKK member, a super evil and a Christian from the south and that is Glenn Beck. Southerners are by nature self-idealists. They would like to believe the best about themselves and their people. The south is where he's built his fortress. There are two sets of people who are buying his book --- those who genuinely like him (WTF) and those who are only curious to read his latest street corner rants for their own entertainment purposes. Do not confuse society's need for shock value with any sort of positive popularity for Glenn Beck as a result of his increased book sales. If Hitler was still alive and wrote a book today, I guarantee you that his book would also be a best seller.
  4. Not that I like to rehash the past (ok, that's a lie - sure I do), but this blog entry regarding the plagiarism was EPIC: http://www.thismayhurt.com/corantonews/new...ve-4-2005.shtml
  5. Well, I suppose her scolding from the Ethics In Journalism committee back in 2005 AND 2006 is what subsequentenly ruined The Observer as we knew it. In 2007 Kevin Canessa complained to the KOTW administrator that he'd allowed a submission to be posted on the boards which called their publisher illiterate. While yes, she can read and write by all definitions, she just preferred to read and then use her computer's copy and paste function, instead of actually writing her own "Word From The Publisher" column. Futhermore, not only was she caught in a tangled web of plagiarism, but rather than owning up to her own deliberate actions, she put the blame onto her staff. Either way, whether she lifted it or it was lifted by an employee on her behalf as she claims was the case, what we read from "her" for years (that was still seemingly interesting, coherent and intelligent at that time) were really not her words at all. I stopped supporting The Observer years ago because of this and would never line her pockets with ad or classified $$$ support $$$ again. I rightfully earn my money. Everyone else should do the same. April 20, 2005 New Jersey publication's publisher charged with lifting The Jersey Journal's Alexandra Fenwick has details on a plagiarism allegation directed towards the publisher of the Kearny Observer, Lisa Tortoreti Pezzolla. Fenwick informs that an ex-Observer staff member pointed out the plagiarism to a publication whose material was lifted and run in Pezzolla's "A Word With the Publisher" column. The unnamed source states that this is not necessarily the first time this has happened. Ethics in Journalism - Plagiarism & Fabrication Scandals Lisa Tortoreti Pezzolla (Kearny Observer) – In April 2006, The Morning Call newspaper in Allentown, Pa. complained to Pezzolla, publisher of the New Jersey weekly The Kearny Observer and author of the Observer column “A Word with the Publisher,” after reading her April 13 column, which it said liberally cut and pasted entire sentences from Morning Call finance reporter Gregory Karp’s April 3 piece on how to save money on gasoline. Following up on the story, the New York Daily News conducted a spot check of Pezzolla’s writings and in its “Lowdown” column alleged that Pezzolla lifted exact phrasings, sentences and even full paragraphs verbatim from online sources on topics ranging from the death of Pope John Paul II to cystic fibrosis to the celebration of Presidents’ Day. In one instance cited by the New York Daily News, the entire opening line from a 1998 CNN.com story on coping with loss during the holidays ran in her column. Pezzolla denied the plagiarism accusation, blaming her staff and an unidentified disgruntled ex-employee. “My people edit whatever I do,” Pezzolla replied. “Something seems a little funny here, and I think I know what it is. It’s somebody that, as of a week ago, is no longer here.” Text excerpted from: Lloyd Grove, “Lowdown – Is publisher copy thief?” New York Daily News, April 17, 2006. http://catalog.freedomforum.org/FFLib/JournalistScandals.htm
  6. Yes, please! The Observer has become a total disgrace. They used to have a real journalist years back, more than just one actually. Wonder where they are now and if they'd come back. By the way, they could both spell properly.
  7. First of all, he looks like a crazed doorman on the cover of his new book. Secondly, the only reason that his book is a best seller is because of the South and ignorant people such as yourself! Otherwise, he is still an irrelevant nuisance to the majority of our population, which I'm extremely thankful for. I would much rather believe that he is in it for the money than have to accept that he really believes in half of the the lies he insists on "exposing". As far as I'm concerned, Glenn Beck's popularity is poison to the conservative movement, so I am glad that all of the brain dead (2smart4u) blatant hypocrites are promoting him so aggressively. Again, the man is psychotic. Why can't they have sane conservatives on Fox news that make decent and reasonable points? It's because they love controversy and ratings, always have. The man makes absolutely no sense. He is the biggest threat to our values. God forbid he let FACT influence his views. It doesn't make me proud that he too can call himself an American.
  8. Summary: The french are still a bunch of pussies.
  9. Yes, unfortunately there are --- it appears that most of them can't even spell the word "scary" correctly. What's your degree in again? Deception?
  10. It's been over 4 years since I wrote the original entry in this thread regarding the impending demise of The Observer and it's sad to reflect back and see that it was only the beginning. The "bad" writing has just continued to get a hell of a lot worse since then. For those of you using The Observer as wee wee pads for your dogs or to line your parakeet poop tray, I salute you.
  11. Yes, where the hell is the police log god dammit? I miss reading what my former classmates are all up to these days. The answer is no, NO ONE THERE CAN SPELL! The paper has gone from an informative publication that served the community into a cash cow - show me the $$$ Lisa!
  12. Does anyone have a copy of Wednesday's paper they can give me to wipe with? I think I just wet my pants!
  13. I don't like that Glenn Beck is considered a cynic by Lindsay Graham. It gives us cynics a bad name. With all these young rednecks (and at least one self-proclaimed "highly educated business man"; 2smart4u) enamored with him, it makes you wonder what they have been doing in the barnyard. They'd all hate gravity if Glenn Beck told them to. A mindless un-American bigot - I know that's not profound, just the simple truth.
  14. If time has taught me one thing, it's to never trust a Republican who states, "Read my lips, no new taxes", while running for office.
  15. Exactly, great point - take the newest NY Times best selling author for example: "All the leaves are brown because I just vomited all over them." - Joel McHale
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